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life is pointless

Posted by anonymous at July 24, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Meaninglessness

i dont see the point in living. there is no such thing as happiness in this world its bullshit. life is full of disappointments. innocent people die every single fucking day for no reason. i really dont understand what the point of being alive is there is no point. who put is in this world and gave us these fucking thoughts life is stupid


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By anonymous at 02,Aug,10 00:47

seriously, just end it if you find a painless way to go

i know i am just beginning to realize how bad life really is..

By anonymous at 04,Aug,10 04:25

dont kill yourself just learn that this world is the way it is because of powerfull buisness intrests that seek to rule over the common man and turn us the people into human resources so we can make the corps more money.
A good man once said dont throw yourself off the bridge throw other fuckers off the bridge...

By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 08:28

you have a very narrow and ignorant (not stupid, just not experienced) view of the world.

why would people who really want to live...want to live?
YOU are missing a point, not them.

Its silly to think that you have actually grown, though gathering information, hearing accounts from thousands of other people's experiences through a wide spectrum of classes, races and nationalities, have really come to conclude that life is not worth living.

my guess is that you havent done any of that, and that you are actually making a decision because of your own wee world of suck- that you apparently dont even seek to get out of, just die in.

you can find and think good things if you do it on purpose- REALLY on purpose.

By anonymous at 18,Aug,10 23:47

We are biological robots.

By Brysen at 15,May,17 02:11

Your post is a timely corotibunitn to the debate

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