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Pull the goddamn trigger already

Posted by anonymous at March 16, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 March

I'm tired as fuck when it comes to having faith in people I think I cam trust. I'm tired of hoping good can come out of things when it's nothing but a pile of shit. I'm tired of the world. I'm tired of technology, I'm tired of the shit music that's popular now...I'm tired of society. I can't find my niche in it, and I can only think that I never honestly will. I sometimes feel as if I'm without an identity, and without a purpose. I just wanna blow my fucking head off, I just want to end it. Life's pointless now in the modern world for a guy like me. It's all utterly, unmistakebly pointless.


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New Comment

By at 17,Mar,12 23:57

It is a common perception in the (post?) Christian world that 'faith' or 'belief' is irrational; that a matter of faith is one for which there is little or no evidence. To the Muslim this seems quite absurd. In Islam people who disbelieve in Allah and in the prophethood of Muhammad can only do so out of ignorance or out of wilful denial of what is evident to them as clear as seeing:

Say thou: "This is my way: I do invite unto Allah on evidence clear as the seeing with one's eyes, I and whoever follows me: Glory to Allah! and never will I join gods with Allah!"
By at 17,Mar,12 23:59

For the Muslim, belief in Allah forms a foundational requirement of rationality and belief in Muhammad as the prophet of Allah follows from applying the rational mind to the evidence of his mission.

There are many ways in which we may describe rational thinking. From the world view of Islam there is good thinking and bad thinking and 'rational' thinking is nothing more than morally good thinking. Someone who strives to do that which is right in the way he thinks, who is sincere and avoids self deception, someone who seeks the truth, avoids biases and prejudice in his opinions, who seeks knowledge from all available sources, someone who reflects on what he sees and always looks for explanations and doesn't accept that things are as they are simply without any reason, someone who tries to avoid any contradictions in his understandings, such a person is rational and such a person is one who seeks to think, learn and decide in a morally good way.

By Cursed at 18,Mar,12 14:51

Find an "alternative community" to live at? I betcha, there are a ton of places that frown on technology- where everything is powered by water or wind. Food is grown organically, and everyone lives in harmony. Hmmm. Is there such a place? Anyone? Anyone?

By at 19,Mar,12 10:42

You should really listen to Nirvana.

By anonymous at 02,Feb,13 17:24

if technology pisses you off so much why are you whining on the internet?

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