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Unwanted kid

Posted by JacK at July 25, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Juvenile problems

How about growing up knowing that you weren't wanted by your parents? Well, that happened to me. I overheard (I wasn't evesdropping, I was just in the next room) my mother talking to my sister about how my father had a vasectomy when she (my mother) was pregant with my other sister, who just happens to be over 2 years older than me. I guess I can't blame me on stray sperm. Anyway, my mother told my sister not to ever tell me, and she didn't until I told her that I already knew.
Just imagine growing up in a family that struggled financially (that's putting it mildly), and thinking you are the reason for it.
Of course my very religious mother now says that I was a true "gift from God." Yeah right. What a bunch of B.S. Of course my very religious mother is another reason that my life sucks, but that's another story.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,Aug,10 00:48

kill your parents.

ultimate revenge.

By anonymous at 06,Aug,10 03:38

I wasent wanted either so fuck them and become more than them

By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 01:37

Fuck them all. When you become successful, and rich, send them to Europe to be tortured. Haven't you seen the movie Hostel? And remember, you rock!

just kidding! (sorta)

Have a nice life, you sexy beast!

By anonymous at 21,Aug,10 23:36

I was supposedly planned, but clearly unwanted. My father told me straight to my face that his life would have been better if he hadn't had any kids. Having known him, I'll say that he was right. The real problem is that I'm like him in that respect, know that I don't want kids, and have a one on the way "like-it-or-not style".

You don't have to have another kid to prove that you're better than your parents. You can be a better person without proving it to anyone but yourself. If you want one, that's fine, but don't feel obligated to prove things to people that either aren't watching or don't care anyway.

By crorkz matz at 05,Aug,14 15:22

tjnbKK Wow, great blog.Really looking forward to read more.

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