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sucks to be me

Posted by anonymous at November 16, 2010
Tags: 2010 November  Stepmom

my mom died when i was 12. my dad remarried a year later to a bitch with 5 kids. who all hate me because i dont know how to lie as good as they do, and be a manipulative conniving bitch. not only does my dad not stick up for me, but he also doesn't care that it makes me miserable. he prefers to stay out of it. my step mom talks shit about me and barely goes to work so she can take care of her un married daughters baby, while shes pregnant with the next one. she complains we have no money, but my dad makes close to 6 figure salary and could support my old family just fine. i have no home, and no one in the world can empathize.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,Dec,10 12:01

The rules have changed for you, you see; that's why it hurts so bad. Had you been born as a member of what is now your step-family, its members' disgusting behavior wouldn't seem so abrasive. Paradoxically, that is precisely the one element in your undoubtedly awful situation you can be happy for: you have not been raised among the baboons, and have, therefore, the choice to conform to their standards or RESIST and DEFY the fuck out of them. Go to school, do your homework; unlike your pregnant step-sister, grow to be HEALTHY and SMART. Be a raised middle-finger against everything petty and small, until you're ready to slough all of them off like some old skin grown too small for the person you've become.

Stay sane, little girl; there's no sweeter revenge.

By anonymous at 03,Dec,10 00:39

Kill the bitch and drown the baby.
By anonymous at 16,Dec,12 18:11

Wtf? Do you have mental problems? -.-''

By anonymous at 07,Dec,11 17:28

yes what they said.

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