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Fuck life

Posted by anonymous at February 16, 2010
Tags: Abuse  2010 February  Juvenile problems  Sexuality

I've been in placment since i was five years old. I was abused when i was four years old. my life was messed up by dss. i could have gotten adopted but i was placed in treatment facilities. i am gay people make fun of me. to the point i want to commit suicide.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Feb,10 21:56

There is nothing I can tell you that will change how your life has been. Being gay is something you will have to live with. You cannot let other peoples words hurt you. I felt the same way that you do many years ago. I am now very happy, in a great, and I do mean GREAT relationship. I learned to love me for who I am and I gave up on hating myself for who I am not. I was told this by a friend many years ago and I want you to think of this every time someone tries to hurt you: Nobody can hurt you without your permission. People cannot hurt your feelings unless you LET them. Don't let them! Don't give them the power to ruin your minute, your hour, your day. They are irrelevant to your life if they want to hurt you.
By anonymous at 18,Feb,10 19:28

People shouldn't say that stuff to you just because your gay. So what if your gay? It's who you are. Don't let people judge you and bring you down.
By anonymous at 22,Feb,10 22:05

dont listen to ppl who take the piss out of you. your life is YOUR LIFE!! your the only one who gets to decide how u live and wot you do!! if ppl wana make u feel like crap and tell u ur not good enough. fine. let them. they arent better than you, and u dont owe them squat. if they wana piss there life away judging other pppl then thats wot they'll do. be happy in the fact that ur life doesnt revolve around making other ppls lives seem worthless.

dont kill yourself without at least getting revenge or making a mark on the world

ok that sounded cheesey but i mean every word,
bullies can kiss my arse

By anonymous at 09,Mar,11 14:28 Fold Up

i Agree (:
Nw Gqo Gqet YUh Sm Dickk niqqa(;
And Find Yuhh A Gqood Lookinq One!!
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 16:41 Fold Up

yeah! look humans fuck humans , and i give my love to every human I like , wether men or women. love is a feeling .. if you feel that way , let nobody ever say its wrong, love is never wrong, -> you are not wrong! pls stay strong!! dont give up

By anonymous at 03,Apr,10 17:39

ew.. your gay? thats just wrong dude.. seriously... kill yourself. life will never be good for you
By anonymous at 09,Mar,11 14:21

By anonymous at 09,Mar,11 14:41 Fold Up

And By The Way Yuuhh Started.. Yuhh Sounded Gay!!
Yuhr Shit!
Yuuhhh Dnt Knw Meh!! Iqht Aqain Bet.
By programmer at 05,Oct,12 23:00 Fold Up

If you have nothing good to say then don't say anything.
By anonymous at 12,Jan,13 21:40 Fold Up

be aware of who ya hurt on what you say
By anonymous at 12,Jan,13 21:41

we all bleed red dont fuck with anyone
By anonymous at 12,Jan,13 21:42 Fold Up

feelings are evrything
i'm in the shit right now and i can recognize that

By anonymous at 24,Jun,10 06:33

all gays should be killed
By anonymous at 12,Sep,12 07:52

You are a disgrace to existence! I myself am not gay, but believe me when i tell you gays are wonderful people. I have many friends who are gay and they are great to hang out with. And if you feel that strongly about it why dont you kill yourself so that this world is rid of someone whoi deserves it much more than any gay person out there! Asshole.
By anonymous at 06,Oct,12 14:06 Fold Up

fuck u mother fucker i aint gay but still fuck u i want to fuckin kill u stick a fuckin gun up your fucking ass and fucking shot 500 fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
By anonymous at 30,Oct,12 05:00 Fold Up

Your mom should be kiled.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,11 17:19

bitch if yuu talk bout a gay ppl 1 mor tim ama go gangster on yuu not dat im gay but is not nice to treat ppl lik dat ! look at yuurself in the mirror .... an hunn dnt ruin yuur life lik dst look for yuur future an yuurs slef i knoo yuu can doo it jus be confident...
By anonymous at 29,Sep,12 17:05

learn how to spell and use proper grammar dumbass.

By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 01:12

Fuck life. It's bullshit.
By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 20:59

i agree with you

By anonymous at 03,Sep,12 16:51

Im gay too lets fuck and live our lives
By anonymous at 12,Jan,13 21:44

yesss enjoy what little life has to offer you

By anonymous at 25,Sep,12 12:01

Kill urself piece of shit DIE u evil warlock and face eternal punishment u bitch discrace! You the scum that comes of my ASS BEEEYOOTCH!! FUCK YOU AND DIE BITCH DIE!!!!!
By anonymous at 12,Jan,13 21:48

find another web site to go shit on you spoiled shit

By anonymous at 28,Sep,12 01:36

Whiny faggots
By anonymous at 04,Oct,12 13:58

Fuck the guy who commented above me. This life really sucks, people like this asshole suck, everything is shit.
Fuck those who believe life is worth livin'.

By anonymous at 05,Oct,12 21:50

Who thought that fuck tard to spell? Lmfuckingao!! Fukkk datttt niggggga who datttt shyttt? What the fuck does that even mean you dumb ignorant fuck?? 2 words DUMB FUCK!!!!

By anonymous at 05,Oct,12 21:51


By smelly foreskin at 10,Oct,12 11:00

Your all fucking potato heads. How did I end up here anyway.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,12 11:04

None of you cunts are right in the head. Bunch of potato heads

By anonymous at 12,Oct,12 16:27

Were you born gay or did you just decide that you wanted to be different?
By anonymous at 12,Oct,12 16:28

Please be honest this is for posterity.

By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 19:00

Guys be nice, seriously. being gay is completly fine im supportive and im straight i did do shit with girls before but its cause i was going through a fase. Asif i would see comments this disrespectfull. till i saw all your dumbass posts i feel bad for you! you guys are just assholes! The reason why im suicidal today is because i keep getting arrested and addicted to drugs,Im the type of person that will make your life hell if u mess with me. but after seeing all these bullshit comments i think ima start changing because hay i was picked on as a tropper and you have no right of making fun of someone for his or her sexuality. thats like judging someone by there mother fucking colour, like wtf man. Please dont kill yourself over some dumb assholes! if you ever need to talk email me. ill be in full support!

By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 21:01

this is the most fuked up website ever well atleast the comments are

By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 00:06

U dumb fuks stop talkin shitbout others u un happy bitches ill kick ur asses mother fuckers shit talkn punks

By anonymous at 24,Nov,12 18:12

All of you fuckers need to grow up, you 'PETHATIC WANKERS'

By anonymous at 25,Nov,12 12:01

Well DAMN is all i can say after reading some of this shit. Oh and btw life sucks so do what you want with yours.

By anonymous at 20,Dec,12 03:49

life just suck sometimes no mater what

By anonymous at 26,Dec,12 12:10

People who say 'don't let it get you down' are fucking arrogant. You can tell they have never been through something similar to you. If it was that easy to solve your problems everyone would be happy. It's the same with me and my depression/social anxiety. People simply think it's a phase and just tell me to snap out of it. Are people that fucking incompetent?

By anonymous at 15,Feb,13 04:02

i was molested and raped at the age of 11 by a gay man,35+ years ago, who, how do i talk to somebody to get rid of my "xtreme anger " towards gay's. help!

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