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Life sucks !! but there is a way out

Posted by anonymous at December 11, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Religion

I was raised in a devout Christian family. At that time, Americans are more religious than the present-for example, most families go to church every Sunday. My parents participated in the church community. We often bring the priest to the house. My mother taught in Sunday school, and I helped

Surely I am more religious than other children, although I do not feel like it used to be. One time when a birthday, my aunt gave a gift of a Bible, and to my sister she gave her a doll. Other times I have bought a prayer book to parents, and I read it every day for several years.

When I was junior high school, I attended a Bible study program for two years. When I was reviewing some of the Bible, yet I have not understood it properly. Then I had the opportunity to learn more. Unfortunately, we learned a lot of passages in the Old Testament and the New incomprehensible, even strange.

For example, the Bible teaches about the beginning of sin, which means that all humans are born sinful. I have a baby, and I knew he was innocent.

The Bible contains many stories of strange and very disturbing, for example the story of Abraham and David. I can not understand how the prophets could behave as told in the Bible.

There are many other things in the Bible that confuse me, but I do not question it. I was too afraid to ask-I want to be known as the "good girl".

Finally there is a boy who asked, and he kept asking. The boy was asked many questions about the trinity. He got a lot of answers but was never satisfied. Just like me. Finally, our teacher, a professor of theology at the University of Michigan, asked to pray for steadfastness of faith. I also pray.

The most important thing is about the trinity. I can not understand it. How could God consists of three parts, one of which is human? At school I also studied Greek and Roman mythology, so I think the idea of ​​the Trinity and saints such as Greek and Roman cultures thought that know a lot of gods, each responsible for different aspects of life.

When high school I secretly wanted to become a nun. I am interested to do worship every day, attracted a full life dedicated to God, and show a religious lifestyle. Impediments to this ambition is only one: I am not a Catholic. I live in a town in the Midwestern region, where Catholics are a minority that is not popular.

I met a Muslim from Libya. He told me a little about Islam and the Quran. He said that modern Islam, religions of the Book is the most up-to-date. Since I assume that Africa and the Middle East backward, then I can not see Islam as something modern.

My family took her to a Christmas program at church. For me the show was very touching and memorable. But at the end of the show he asked, "Who makes the rules of worship like that? Who taught you when to stand, bend and kneel? Who taught you how to worship? "

I told him the history of the early church. Initially the question was really making me angry, but then I got to thinking. Are the people who make the ordinances of worship was truly qualified to do so? How could they know how to worship it should be done? Are they able to revelations about it?

I realize if I do not believe a lot of Christian teachings, but I still go to church. When the Nicene Creed recited together, I was just quiet, I did not read it also. I am like a stranger in the church.

There is a very shocking incident. Someone very close to me having problems in her household. He went to church to ask for advice. People from church that just take advantage of distress and suffering. The man took her to a motel and then seduce her.

Previously I did not really pay attention to what the role of monks in the church. Since that event I became noticed. Most Christians believe that forgiveness should be through a sacred worship event led by a priest. No priest, no forgiveness.

I visited the church, sat down and watched the priest is in front. They are no better than the people who came-some of them even worse. So how can an ordinary human being, is needed as an intermediary to communicate with God? Why can I not be in direct contact with God, and receive forgiveness?

Shortly after that, I found the translation of the Qur'an in a bookstore. I then bought and read it, and keep reading, though sometimes interrupted, for eight years. During that time I also find out about other religions.

I am increasingly worried and afraid of my sins. How do I know God will memafkan my sins? I no longer believe in the style of Christian forgiveness method will succeed. Burdens of sin so heavy for me, and I do not know how to liberate themselves from him. I crave pardon.

Reading Al-Quran

Once, I read Al-Quran that says: "And thou find the closest friendship with people of faith are those who say: 'We are Christians." That's because among them there monks, also they are not bragging. And when they listen to what is revealed to the Messenger (Muhammad), you see their eyes shed tears due to the truth (the Quran) which they already know (from the books of their own), saying: "Our Lord, we have then take note of our faith with those who witness (to the truth of the Quran and the prophethood of Muhammad SAW). Why we will not believe in Allah and the truth that comes to us when we are desperate for our Lord put us down among those who are righteous? [Al-Maidah: 82-84]

I began to hope that Islam has the answer. But how do I find out? In the news on television I saw the Muslims worship. They have specific ways to pray. I found a book-written by non-Muslims, which explains how Muslims worship. Then I tried to do it myself. At that time I did not know about taharah and I pray the wrong way. I continue to pray that way for several years.

Finally, approximately 8 years since I first bought first translation of the Koran, I read: "This day have I perfected for you your religion, and I'd had a My blessing to you both ends meet and I'd had a ridhai Islam is a religion for you. "[Al-Maidah: 3]

I wept for joy, because I knew, long before the earth was created, God had written that the Koran is for me. God knows that Anne Collins in Cheektowaga, New York, USA, would read this verse in May 1986.

I know a lot of things that need to be studied, such as how to pray is right, something that is not described in detail in the Qur'an. The problem is I do not know a single Muslim.

Today Muslims are relatively easy to find in the U.S.. I did not know where to find them. I get the phone number of a Muslim community of the phone book. I then tried to contact him. A man answered on the other side, I panicked and hung up. What would I say to him? How will they answer my question? Would they be suspicious? Will they accept me, while they already have each other in Islam?

A few months later I again called the mosque several times. And every time I panic, I shut it down. Finally, I wrote a letter, requesting information. A brother of the mosque phoned me and then sent me a leaflet about Islam. I told him I wanted to convert to Islam. But he said to me, "Wait until you're sure."

The answer is that I waited to make me upset. But I realized he was right. I have to believe, because once accepted Islam, then things will never be the same again.

I became obsessed with Islam. I thought about it day and night. On several occasions, I drove to the mosque (at that time the mosque is in the form of a house that was converted into a mosque). I spun around several times, hoping to see a Muslim, and was curious as to what the situation inside the mosque.

One day in early November 1986, when I cook in the kitchen, I suddenly felt if I had become a Muslim. Still timid, I sent another letter to the mosque. I wrote: I believe in God, God Almighty, I believe that Muhammad is his messenger, and I want listed as a witness it.

Brotherhood of the mosque phoned me the next day, and I say the creed on the telephone. He said that God has forgiven all my sins then and there, and I'm like a newborn baby.

I feel the burden of the sins away from the shoulder. And I cried out of happiness. I'm just a little sleep that night. I cried, repeating the name of Allah. I was looking for forgiveness has been obtained.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,Jan,12 11:02

Dunno what kind of Christian faith you're referring to! Forgiveness in Christ has already happened - the only condition is that you believe it.

By anonymous at 13,Jan,12 14:41

yeah, the story reads like it was written by a Muslin, that never was a christian... Sorry, i just don't buy the story. doesn't seem authentic. phony!

By anonymous at 13,Jan,12 16:49

Idk... i always think of religion as a way to live your life, not a reason to fight with other people of different races or ways of thinking or religions.
IF she found peace of mind in her new religion then good for her.
As for me, my father being a muslim and my mother a christian made me curious about both religions and made me do a little research about both and all i can say that the qura'an is like the advanced version of the bible.
The only major difference is that the qura'an wasnt translated into different tongues like the bible , thus makes more sense than the bible. Also, unlike christianity it's not divided into many subgroups with different thoughts and ideas which make their way of praying to god like it is a completely different religion than christianity. And in my opinion the fact that islam wants to unite muslims and teach them to coexist with other religions just makes it a better coice.
Cuz there is no way of proving the other stories of the past of either religion were true or not... you just have to hope for the best.

By anonymous at 14,Jan,12 13:46

my story needs to be aprroved first - but story like this gets approved ?? this is propoganda

islam is a religoun of war an hate - if someone need a religoune to help get his life better
then go for

christianity , jewdaism or buddhism just not islam which is bad for you and all around you
By anonymous at 16,Jan,12 15:52

APPROVED BY WHO? by YOU? YOU IDIOT YOU THINK people dont realize that its YOU and ONLY YOU who post all these stories and that the only stories that get "approved" are YOURS! You FUCK DROP FUCKEN DEAD YOU FUCKEN IDIOT!! You think can fool people!!
By anonymous at 17,Jan,12 14:21

I hear you ^ i told my story here and IT NEVER GOT "APPROVED" things that make you go HMMMM...makes me believe what your^ saying.
By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 01:55

I too told my story here back in october and IT NEVER GOT POSTED till this day i have NOT seen my story.
By anonymous at 29,Jan,12 18:23

cuz ur life just sucks so bad that its not worth wasting time to read xD

By anonymous at 14,Jan,12 14:53

"And then the nice men from the mosque strapped some c4 under my shirt and told me to walk into the police station." hahahahahahahaha!

By anonymous at 15,Jan,12 23:01

So . . . only children who believe in a magical man in the sky post on this website? I opened my eyes when I was 10-years-old. What is taking you people so long? Religion is a thing of the past. If you wish to know more, research some things called sanity, reasoning, facts, and science! :D

By anonymous at 17,Jan,12 12:02

so muslims have
what about christians KKK clans???
Dont they want to kill all niggers and jews and shit?
I mean come the fuck on!!!
Your christianity bred fucked up retards like Adolf Hitler and Goerge Bush and your complaining about some fucked up people with beards who just cuz they say they r muslims makes you beleive they r muslims and all muslims are fucked up???
If they r fucked up, then you are absolutely retarded cuz only a complete idiot takes his word from another idiot...

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 06:01

you should watch The arrivals

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 11:49

Hitler was an underachiever. He should have wiped the earth of humans period. The only thing we are good at is destroying things and killing ourselves.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 11:55

Why do people consider Buddhism a religion? Please educate yourself! WOW

Buddha never says a fucking thing about any god, or super natural being what so ever. There is no way that Buddhism is "bad" for anyone...unless thinking is "bad" lol

You know what is "bad" though? Being a fucking Moron. :) You ever read you ignorant fuck?
By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 15:03

Yep you are right.....Buddhism IS NOT A RELIGION......
By anonymous at 08,Jun,12 17:35

But Buddhists adhere to this belief in karma which is absolutely ridiculous that's what makes it as irrational as a religion.

By anonymous at 08,Jun,12 21:53

There is too much in the Bible that is vague, ambiguous, unclear, inconclusive, convoluted, and contradictory, and hence, there is massive confusion and division within monotheistic religions. Each church, denomination, or preacher thinks that they and they alone have properly understood the Bible, and most of them claim that e erybody else is wrong. Gnostic Christianity refutes both Catholics and Protestants. Translation from the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts into English and other languages is a mystery, because one cannot translate word for word and because certain words have more than definition. How is anyone supposed to decipher and interpret these books? The answer is, its impossible. The only way to understand what the Bible is saying is to ask its authors, which obviously, is not possible, as they have been dead for 1900 to 3000 or more years. Only the authors who wrote these books and probably the people who lived during Bible times understood it. The meaning has long been lost since these books were written and since the authors died. So its frustrating for us today in attempting to make sense out of these books. The Bible is like a treasure map, where one thirds to two thirds of it is vague and unknown and unable to be interpreted. Scholars will continue to study this enigmatic book.

By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 18:26

I don't think anybody really knows what the true religion is(if there is such a thing) and no one really knows the answers to the great mysteries of creation. They just think they do. Of the tons of writings about the Bible; about every religion; about God or the Gods(as in plural) about angels; the Devil or Devils (as in plural); the afterlife; near death experiences;E.S.P. aliens; and how; when; and how ancient is the creation; and who or what created it; how much of what people have written about and have said about these subjects is objectively true and accurate? Whose version of reality is objectively true and accurate? The answer is there is no way of knowing. There are certain things or mysteries that may forever remain unknown. The most disturbing of mysteries are the origin of evil and suffering which I talk about throughout this website. Would there be a need for a website such as this called Life Sucks if the world was a paradise? The world is permeated with evil and suffering; its like a horror movie; and the horrors in it are real. Read other threads in the Life Sucks/philosophy category and the Life Sucks/loneliness category where I talk about at length about this disturbing and distressing topics of evil and suffering. I am getting very tired of typing the same things so I won't get into detail here on this thread. And you know what else has really exhausted me is these horrible trolls which are attacking me. They have unleashed the evil; hate; and anger in me. These DevilishSatanic people are horribly cruel and evil; and they thrive and gloat over the suffering and misfortunes of others and are intent at being a thorn in my life. These trolls have targeted me as their main target in the Life Sucks/philosophy category and in the Life Sucks /loneliness category. Just look at those websites and you will see just what I'm talking about. These horrible people prove the Devil rules this screwed up; broken creation.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 23:41

and my final comment to all you fuckwads who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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