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fuck this!

Posted by anonomous at January 14, 2012
Tags: Attitude  General  2012 January

I am at an all time low. I feel lost and that no one is willing to help. I'm not even 30 and have filed for bankruptcy, still have 60k in student loan debt, can't find a job, moved cross country for my long time boyfriend and am stuck by myself all day every day. No one will hire me because everyone else needs work too, I rely on the BF for everything, am super depressed, want kids but don't want to take that risk being so far in the hole. My neighbors are losers and never shut the fuck up, are always drunk and screaming at each other at all hours of the night. I blame my parents for making me go to college because honestly it was not worth it, I blame the BF for making me quit my job that I actually really liked to emotionally support him, but he's not willing to do the same and always talks down to me. I'm jealous of him for getting to do what he wants, and don't see any future where I am given the same chance, which makes me bitter and resentful. I'm overweight and can't seem to loose any of it, have health problems I can't take care of because I'm uninsured and I feel like I need to start drinking on a daily basis to make this pain go away, even temporarily. Life sucks when you are never given a break, or even a chance; I have hopes and dreams that I will never get to see happen and think, on a daily basis, that I should just kill myself to stop being a burden on everyone that I care for.


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New Comment

By at 06,Feb,12 03:08

Sounds like your boyfirend has mold you into his bitch. Too bad for you that you let that happen in the first place and quit a job for him. Academic and joblessly in debt is almost the painfulest for those who could otherwise have it all.
Consider to cheat on him for someone richer and better. meowmeow for now
By at 06,Feb,12 10:48

once again, the dumbest fucking hopleless loser bitch on this site chooses to chime in with pure garbage......great advice meowmeow, could you make up more words like "painfulest" the world a to the nearest mcdonald's and stick your head in the fucking fryer you worthless piece of ass drizzle bacon fried cock fart.....

to the OP, just lose some weight.....your situation and outlook on everything will change as you find yourself getting into shape, as well as your said you don't see any future where you are.......are you a fucking fortune teller?.....ummmm, newsflash, there is no such thing.....if you are emotionally supportive to him, that's good......treat others as you would want them to treat you - EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T TREAT YOU AS YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO TREAT a positive light in the lives of those around you and everything will work out.....for goodness sake's, it would almost be a miracle to read a story where a woman indicates she's going to "stand by her man"......
By at 08,Feb,12 19:48

Back at ~C

No you are the "dumbest fucking hopleless loser bitch on this site chooses to chime in with pure garbage......great advice meowmeow, could you make up more words like "painfulest" the world a to the nearest mcdonald's and stick your head in the fucking fryer you worthless piece of ass drizzle bacon fried cock fart....."

-Because you insulted me for my advice to her that suggests to find another with the hope to find a better
-Because you basically told her to live with her shit with more patience than she has.
-Because you expect selfish human being such as her to be selfless for another of whom who she blames and complaint about here

Your are the dumbest fucking hopleless loser bitch who will end up commiting suicide in a fastfood trash. You have just been treated for the way how you treated me, your dumbest fucking hopeless fastfood goer.

A for ass hole, B for Bitch and ~C for cunt. That is your ABC. Meowmeow for now.
By at 09,Feb,12 07:48

HILARIOUS, now could you explain to me what the fuck you just said???????????

~because you're stupid for suggesting she cheat on her husband, there's absolutely NO CHANCE that could backfire for her, right?
~because she is a MARRIED woman, what's the point of getting married if you're not going to honor the promises and vows you make in a wedding before The Lord?
~because....would it not be good for one who is considered selfish to grow into something better than that, to rise above their childish, selfish ways, to learn how to be ultimately "not selfish"?

it doesn't have to be all hate and anger and curse words and yelling between us meowmeow, calm down sweetie, i was obviously being sacrcastic, but just to be clear, i do NOT want you or anyone to else stick their head in a fryer......thanks for the really great advice in return and the super clever name ~cunt.....i wasn't sure about my abc's but now i know and knowledge is power, right?....i'll go commit suicide in a "fastfood trash" now.......whatever that is.....
By at 09,Feb,12 07:59

meowmeow, i apoligize, i read this wrong and see that she is in fact NOT MARRIED and has NO KIDS, so you are right, and i am wrong.....she can do whatever she wants, see whoever she wants, and be as selfish as she wants for as long as she wants......once again, i apoligize to you.
By at 09,Feb,12 08:31

meow~ to 07:48 I dont know how you came up with this comment,
but those swearing words are all started by you. And I didn't make that much in my reply to. Can you stay away from my comment meow? You are not using the site right meow

meowmeow for now.
By at 09,Feb,12 22:49

if i want to "swear", i will swear.....DO NOT CENSOR ME.....i never told anyone that they can't speak their mind or that they can't comment on my are allowed to say what you want to say, and i will do the is not your concern how i use this site......

also, the "meow" shit at the end of a sentence freaks people out, and reveals that you have extreme identity issues.

(but that is not really my concern)

By Laquisha at 07,May,13 03:19

Your cranium must be protecting some very vaaulble brains.

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