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Tired of Trying

Posted by WTF at April 16, 2010
Tags: 2010 April  Disappointment  Family  Poverty  Relationship

Every since college, my life has spiraled down hill. I'm a teacher with a Masters degree and I'm always broke as hell. My wife won't listen. I married her because she got pregnant. I want to do the right thing since she already had two children out of wedlock with two different men. She had her tubes tied when she had my child despite my wishes. Now I can never have another child, but I call hers my own. That was ten years ago, but problem like that don't go away. I'm a former athelte who will never have a son. She quit her job to go back to school. She was obviously focused on other things while she was in college. Now the water is cut off, the gas is off. She hasn't worked in a year, but when I mention it I'm a jerk. Everyone wonders where my money goes like I'm a damn crack head or something. I spent most of my life loyal to Christ and GOD. I was a deacon, sunday school superintendent. Its all the same. My life sucks. I used to be pretty good looking, but now I'm bald and funny-looking. I've sacrificed the best of me for a woman who is out for herself, and won't even help me as I take care of her and her kids. I used to smoke weed daily just to get by, and I can't even afford that anymore, so I tolerate life as is. No help in site. You see, my life really sucks. Worst ... if I leave her., I will have to pay the child support that she doesn't even make the real dads pay. The sex sucks because she basically lies on her side. Lately, I've had the desire to wear women's clothing. I'm all fucked up. I think she has bitched me out. My mom passed a few years ago. My dad acts like he never had kids no that she's gone. I have no one to borrow a dollar for if I need it. If I ask a minister, everything that is happening is my fault because I'm the man. I can't go on like this. I'm at my lowest today. Life sucks big time!


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New Comment

By at 16,Apr,10 21:49

Your life does suck, and with the intervention of legal bull,,,t it's not going to get any better , you have two choices, deal with it until the children get older and just maybe you will see some hope in them as adults, or take what ever you can and sell it for a Harley and ride till the find you and burn out like a man

By anonymous at 16,Apr,10 22:49

Your source of fault is right in the first and second sentence. Can you guess what it is? you married for the WRONG reasons and when people do that, they are only setting themselves up for pain and misery. You marry for love and NOTHING else.

I think you need to stop feeling sorry for yourserlf and start taking charge. You are not a jerk just becuase you ask your wife for help. she's suppose to be your partner and help raise the famliy and help keep the lights on and food on the table. if she's not doing that, then what use is she there if she's self-centered and isnt attributing to anything? she's almost like a 4th child.

I really think you should talk to her and MAKE her understand your misery and problems. she needs to get her butt out there and help you. You are doing no good to the famliy either by being miserable all day and trying to smoke weed to fix your problems. It is better to seperate then being with a woman who makes your life very difficult. If you have to pay child support, see if you can work something out with the court. tell them that you have been the soul provider for a long time, you've had money problems and this woman has done nothing to help you. the kids deserve to be with you since you have done so much and have put up with so much.

There are times in your life where you just have to put your foot down and say "no more". Do you honestly plan on spending another year or more like THIS? don't let people use you and start making good decisions in your life. Ask God for help and guidance. Its times like these where you have to stay close to him and rely on him for help.
By anonymous at 23,Jan,12 01:01

love this so true listin and learn life gets better

By anonymous at 17,Apr,10 11:42

Seriously're already broke as hell and miserable. Just take your kid (if you want her) and leave. I don't get how you would be responsible for child support for her two kids before you, unless you adopted them. Stepfathers are not legally attached to kids at all after a divorce.
Let her figure out how much of an asshole you were once she realizes she's living like a homeless person since she decided to quit her job and go back to work.
And screw what church people think. All they know is gossip and money. They'll try to guilt trip you into staying together because couples make more money to donate, that's all. F 'em.
Time to start over and let the useless bitch sink or swim.
By anonymous at 17,Apr,10 20:41

You may be wrong. If he has supported these kids for a long period of time, he has assumed the role of parent. The court may make him pay for their support. My ex-brother inlaw paid support for his ex's kid for 15 years because he acted as parent. Blood tests proved it wasn't his kid, but the court did not care....he paid.
By anonymous at 04,Jul,11 15:28 Fold Up

I agree. You cannot take money from someone who has nothing. I do not think they will go after you for the child

By anonymous at 18,Apr,10 05:00

Feel happy that you won't have any of your "own" children. Why bring them into this kind of world?

By anonymous at 19,Apr,10 18:11

Don't smoke weed, it fucks up your motivation and motor skills. Grow weed and sell it, it makes your pockets fat with tax-free cash.
By anonymous at 20,Apr,10 08:50

By anonymous at 20,Apr,10 22:37 Fold Up

That is until you get caught and thrown in prison. Then you get daily ass raping, for free!
By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 22:54

Weed is practically legal anymore. How many states can you get a prescription from a doc to go buy it from a cannabis club?
By anonymous at 23,Jan,12 01:04 Fold Up

jerk advise------------------------

By anonymous at 29,Sep,10 00:30

lol prolly that'll help take it in da azz!!

By anonymous at 17,Oct,10 00:38

That was posted in April. I hope he hasn't lost anymore hair. I like the Harley idea. Time to move on in a big way. It will cost you child support but it might save your life and any kind of self dignity.
Come visit us at this web site. I can give you the real story on life through divorce. Then you can decide if that is worth it.

By anonymous at 26,Mar,11 23:34

Why do "good men" end up with triffling women "I use that term loosely" regarding loose women. I was celibate before marriage, aerobic instructor, that had completed graduate school and Jesus failed my ass big time. All my Christian waiting and dating books... bulls. My bible carrying husband is in jail for rape. I was not anyones babies mama but I attracted freakin losers. I know I am so about me right now. But when I hear a man (except you all can put your spin on shit.) My husband probably made it out like I was frigid... to justify his perversion. I was willing to do anything and everything except of course what would not be pleasing to God. Pre-salvation I was a sexy super freak (not with alot of men) but toys, girls, anal you name it.... But as a good Christian wife I did my husbands fav doggy style. Your wife sounds like a lazy b; if you are keeping it real. When she's supposed to be studying she's probaby screwing someone. I'd recommend you get a DNA test to make sure the child you are raising is truly your child. Reading God's word doesn't line up with my life. RE the cross dressing. Is it the material? I think that in the bedroom between husband and wife people should be at liberty to share all fetishes as long as their is mutual respect and confidentiality. Your life could be worse. I agree leave the weed alone. IF you and your wife divorce your little swimmers have less of a chance. Also I think step parents should drop the step. But then again I don't have any "step children" from hell. I know my state as a presumed father regarding child support and w/o adoption it involves a child that the father thinks is his seed for at least 3 years.....

By anonymous at 10,Jul,11 23:56

should drink alcohol give better understanding when sober, life is a pair of shoes that sucks. Burn those sucks that stinks like hell, you know what i'm talking. Take risk and find shit out of it.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 12:52

I say wear women's clothing every chance you get, esp around the house.

At the very least it couldnt hurt the fucked up home life anymore then it already is.

By anonymous at 07,Dec,11 17:39

sex will mess up your life more than an alcoholic parent. marry for love only and jerk off. or maybe keep your thing in the pants alltogether. lady needs to provide for the kids go to school part time and work full time if she wont ..divorce.

By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 22:52

Get a divorce (you're paying for everything now so I don't see how much worse childe support can be)

Get a paternity test (three different children by three different unmarried fathers. Face it. You're wife is a slut. Likely it isn't yours)

Knock off the weed. It's killing your ambition. I know it momentarily blots out the misery, but it also prevents you from doing anything to move forward

Wear women's clothes if you want to. It's 2012. No one cares about transvestism anymore. Plus it will fuck with your slut wife's head.

By anonymous at 03,Jul,12 22:14

I wouldn't bother about women. Most of them suck and are not worthy of you. Your too good for them.

By anonymous at 03,Jun,13 19:28

DO NOT START WEARING WOMEN'S CLOTHING!! It's been awhile since u posted. Is everything going okay? Is ur marriage working out?

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By anonymous at 17,Oct,16 19:22

Sounds like you're feeling a lot of negative emotions about all of this bad stuff that's going on in your life. You seem disheartened about the way your wife doesn't seem to value you or your relationship, and doesn't appreciate that you work hard to support her and the kids. You also feel hopeless that your life will get better any time soon. You also feel trapped in your marriage, or at least financially tied to it because you expect to pay child support if you leave. When you say "I can't go on like this" that says to me that you're at your breaking point and probably exhausted by all of this.

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