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Life is unfair.

Posted by Samantha Nanda at January 27, 2012
Tags: Appearance  2012 January  Juvenile problems

life is so unfair. ever since i was little i was ugly and nobody ever liked me. i looked around and almost all the girls around me were moving on with there lives getting boyfriends and being happy. i was always different from others, i didn't want to be apart of the crowd. i always felt like an outcast. it isn't fair, my whole family is full of pretty bitches. everyone has ALWAYS lied to my face telling me im beautiful. they are fake as fuck. they don't realize how fake they are. on top of that i suffer from depression. i hear voices and see things. i might go crazy one day, yeah i guess i have my good times. but whats the point of living if i am ugly and fat? i eat so much everyday. i don't care if life will get better. i just know god doesn't have a plan for me. he never payed attention to me. he made me a hindu, he made me hate my family. he doesn't even know who i am. i am only fucking 15. karma is a bitch, i am a bully and i talk too much shit so nobody fucking likes me. but i don't give a fuck. i know my family has problems, but god damn it there just so fake. i wish i could start new. fuck my life. i have no friends, fuck everyone. if your reading this go fucking slit your wrist.


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New Comment

By at 12,Feb,12 23:37

i'm sorry but belive in your self i think i'm fat but if people don't exept that i'ts there loss

By at 13,Feb,12 01:12

dont feel shit because your fat and ugly,. try to go in the gym and transform,. you know in my preschool years i was one of those retarded nerds who are getting bullied everyday because im so thin and cant fight back,. but it makes me stronger on my highschool years, i train as a CAT officer bulk up by going to gym and make some muscles,. and now im happy for myself that i had push my limits, my face also changes and become more handsome haha,. and now i have girlfriend,. just try go to gym and burn some fat, it may change ur face a little and unhide ur natural beauty

By at 13,Feb,12 10:29

meowmeow~ wow your inside is ugly as your outside. yeap you deserve that karma. please keep that bitch as pussy cat hates bitch. meowmeow for now~
By anonymous at 13,Feb,12 19:01

For once I agree with this one. OP you came here crying to us then lash out like an infant and tell US to slit our wrists? Why dont you stop eating like a fat fucking pig so men can find out where your pussy hole is?
By anonymous at 24,Feb,12 17:06

By anonymous at 28,Feb,12 07:58 Fold Up

your very fucking saying that just points 2 fingers back at yourself

By anonymous at 13,Feb,12 10:34

girl its worse getting a boy friend u get heqartbroken and that crap
By anonymous at 13,Feb,12 18:20

Try bein the boyfriend that bends over backwards for her and then find she's been cheating on you since day one then leaving her because she feeds you line after line of how she wants to "be the only one" then finding out that she went around letting anything with a dick between her legs and telling anything with ears that I beat her and choked her and so many other things that I makes me sick especially since I have never hurt any woman in my life so ya agreed dating kinda sucks
By anonymous at 13,Feb,12 19:06

Maybe you shouldn't have such shitty taste in women 18:20 cuz that sound like a classic whore. Most women are sluts and most men are heartless pigs. When I look at all the people breeding and hurting eachother it makes me want to take a bath. So sick of subpar relationships, its so disgraceful to real love. I recently had the opportunity for a decnt screw and even though I hadn't had one for YEARS I knew the guy did not love me and would not be faithful to me at all. So I didn't even kiss him. I didn't even go there, even though I knew I could have and did before. He had had so much sex with so many people it just wasn't even worth it. I'll just shove something in my pussy I guess.
By anonymous at 14,Feb,12 10:58

dude im a girl
By anonymous at 18,Feb,12 16:25

Then you can't be anyones "boyfriend" now can you? Or maybe I wasn't replying to you.

By anonymous at 18,Feb,12 04:50

I think you should look at yourself from a different perspective. The most Prettiest girls are the girls who have a great heart and a great personality. If you change the way you look at yourself and the way you feel about yourself then one day you'll find your prince charming i can promise you that. There is a man out there for every girl and believe me confidence is the most attractive thing about a girl. So What if your not hott or sexy or have the greatest body, at least you got a good heart. I think your a great person all you need to do is start looking at things from a positive view, Pick your head up high and wear a smile on your face. Then the world will treat you better.(:
By anonymous at 18,Feb,12 04:59
If you Ever Feel like You need Someone to Talk to Message me, id be glad to talk to you(:
Im Anne Btw.

By anonymous at 19,Feb,12 21:47

just go on a diet and get come lessons in manners

By anonymous at 24,Feb,12 17:23

How dare you come here crying to us that you're a fat disgusting bastard and then in advance tells us to slit our waist. No, you go kill yourself and save a lot of people from hearing your crap of excuse of a person. No reason you doesn't have a boyfriend, who would want to deal with a fat load of shit like you. And yeah your family lying to you about you being petty because they probably tired of your fat ass mouth complaining all the time. Go hang yourself or play in traffic you worthless fat bastard oh wait, you might kill someone if somebody hits you with their car because hiring you is like running into a deer or brick wall. You will never be shit but a fat charlotte web pig that men finds disgusting, now you go and slit your waist you fat hunk of shit.

By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 19:42

I was going to comment, "I love your personality, we should be friends," but then you told everyone that was reading this to slit their wrist.

I'm not the most socially intelligent person you'd ever meet but even I know that TELLING PEOPLE TO KILL THEMSELVES IS A DICK THING TO DO.

But I know you're just putting up a tough front.

Honestly? Stop being mean! Your life will get CONSIDERABLY BETTER. Even I loved your personality and wanted to be friends with you until I found out you tell strangers to kill themselves.

By at 26,Feb,12 14:19

you know u should not give up on your life that a 17years old girl i've never had a boyfirend,all my friends are dating someone and all they can talk about is them.but i dont care i mean boys in our ages dont care about love all they want is to get in your pants so just forget about it

By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 17:10

Ok, you just told everyone to cut their own waists. With all do respect, you the one with problems. You come here and want people to feel sorry for you when you coming here talking shit and said that you the bully and crap, LET ME STOP YOU THERE, I think I just found you problem, you're a bully what the fuck do you expect people to react towards you. If you find confident in yourself and stop putting others down well maybe you will get some positive back. Bullies always get what they asked for and being a person who against bullying, yeah for you, karma is a Bitch.

By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 03:18

I love you, like God loves you. Iam known for being loving torwards people even strangers. If you need encouragement or someone to listen to you email me at I'll give you loving words of encouragement

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 07:37

Your funny! Anyway God didn't make you Hindu, you where maybe born into a Hindu family but you have the ability to choose a different religion. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids.

By anonymous at 20,Aug,12 21:27

I continue. Fuck girls and women and fuck humanity. Humanity is hopeless and a lost cause. It would have been better if humans were never created.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 01:31

And to all you trolls who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By cubuktapatates at 08,Dec,12 11:50

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By anon at 11,Feb,13 04:41

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By mia pron khalifa at 26,Oct,19 05:51

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