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Long walk home

Posted by anonymous at August 28, 2009
Tags: August 2009  Drinking  Friendship  Justice  Racial

I was beaten up while walking home from a party because of my race. I left my vehicle at home because I knew I'd be drinking. While I was being beaten up (probably 15 minutes and we covered a distance on foot of about 250 metres) I sort of lost control of what was going on, and I don't remember it all. A carload of drunks stopped to help me, I freaked out and got in their car, and took off in it. I crashed it into a building. I don't remember any of this, but I do remember the jaws of life prying me out of the damn car and everything after, so obviously it happened. As it turns out, there was conveniently a person in the back of the damn thing, and she got hurt. I don't remember the car stopping, driving the car, or crashing it, so I obviously don't recall her being there when I got in.

I got charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm, over 0.08 and car theft over 5k.

The police wouldn't take my statement without agreeing not to use it against me, so the two guys that beat me up never got charged.

I was angry, and depressed about it all, and I started drinking a lot (I've since quit.) My wife left me.

Friends have abandoned me because of the embarrassment I've caused them in a town of 2300 that doesn't know what really happened. People have told me off in public, and the whole damn town seems to hate me. I've been shouted at across the grocery store dozens of times from the woman in the back of the car: And honestly, I can't blame her, I'd hate me too.

I'm fighting the charges like a dog, because I absolutely believe I am not a criminal, and will probably go broke with legal fees.

Two years later, and the trial is still more than two months off, and will likely be deferred again by the prosecution.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:27

You covered so much bullshit, you should write fiction.
Wait, you did.
Beaten and couldn't remember it, but remebered the drunks in the car, but YOU crashed into the building - no actually the driver did. You don't remember that either because all you remeber is the jaws of life... I don't remeber... I don't remember...
Yet you go on.
You won the 2010 Bullshit Award.
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:23

yea? fuck you, your fucking your mom, and eat shit and fucking die you fatherless bastard!
By anonymous at 24,Apr,10 19:05 Fold Up

Hey you fucking idiot. Go read it again an try understand whats going on. He said he crashed. No one else, u fucktard. And yeah he was drunk. Normally u can't remember much then. Idiot. Also, the person in the back of the car and the others must have also told him some of what happened. Jeez u'r a judgemental douche who doesn't even read everything right

By anonymous at 06,Mar,10 09:52

I do not know what race you are from reading your post. I figure that you were not beaten for being of a certain race, but because you were a sloppy drunk. Do yourself a big favor. You cannot handle alcohol, so give it up. You brought this on yourself.
By anonymous at 24,Apr,10 19:01

Shit i lost my msg again. My fingers r getting sore. Oh throw me with an axe. I think this dude WAS in fact beaten up maybe cause of his race. Ppl don't easily just beat up someone thats drunk. I think. Depends on how much trouble they making. But he was just walking home. Or they were just plain criminals. I don't think It's the writer's fault. What the hell would u do if someone beats u up for 15 mins? I bet he was in survival mode. An when u'r drunk, survival mode makes less sense than normal. Dude i also somehow like u'r attitude about it all. U seem not to feel too sorry for urself and u handle it like "aaaah well. Let's go drink. Fuck it." But u should actually stop though. Then u'll be able to do more about the situation and pay it off easier. Alcohol won't help. Death will. But don't die. Just.... Work u'r ass off till it's over and learn not to get so bloody drunk even though it seems fun

By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 03:38

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By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 14:24

yea dude your a liar who needs attention i hate you

By anonymous at 20,Nov,12 05:12

I feel hated by too just not for the same reasons.

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By anonymous at 23,Jan,15 00:44

You brought it upon yourself by getting yourself drunk. I don't understand the point of alcohol...It's literally just a drink that makes you stupid. Why would anyone want that? You should be disgusted in yourself for being such an idiot and getting into such a disgusting habit.

By Ieguszi at 10,Dec,15 17:03

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