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Shity life

Posted by Failure at February 20, 2011
Tags: Failure  2011 February  General  Money

I'm turning 42 Monday and gotta say life has been shity . 3 failed marriages , have lost every damn thing . Lost my Job ( was a good paying job) was kicked out of my home . I now stay in a friends basement . Child support has nearly destroyed me , they are taking nearly 40 percent of my check for one child , and that's making minium wage !! With th job I have now I gotta wait a whole freaking year before I can get insurance , need to see a dentist bad . Have no friends and forget about having a g/f , can't afford that either . Just so damn disgusted with my so called life , that I really don't see a way out . Seems like anything I put my hands to goes to shit or backfires .not even sure why I'm even writing this ... I guess I'm just venting , I really don't expect things to get better .


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Mar,11 17:22

You said that you were staying in a friend's basement, then later said that you had no friends.

By at 10,Mar,11 19:02

your life sucks...but I want to know why you have 3 failed marriages? Sometimes life is not about money, its about spending quality time with your kids and as long as they love you what else matters. Right?

By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 19:50

The friend's basement is a family member .
Failed marriage # 1 the x was screwing around on me during the time my mother was dying from cancer .
# 2 started working for a women's shelter and all men suddenly ( 4months ) became scum of the earth , so she filed for a divorce .I loved her and didn't want a divorce .

By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 19:56

# 3 was doing some illegal stuff and selling ,that I refused to be a part of and , started drinking and later found out that she had been prostitutioning .

By anonymous at 29,Jun,11 00:07

you are doing good man ! ... keep holding on !!
and if you need to be happy just help one person each day and dont expect to get help back . if you have a bread to eat give half of it to the one who has none !
you will have more friends than anyone on this earth .
i dont do that , but if you really have nothing to do ... take my advice seriously !

By anonymous at 29,Jun,11 00:10

whenever i feel that my life sucks .. i look out of window ... and i find many hungry men dieing ... they dont even dream for things you and i have lost !

By anonymous at 04,Dec,12 21:25

Pffff, I think that life goes on. No matther what happens.
I also had a lot of bad luck in my life,... got depressed and start using drugs and all that sh*t ( I fell in a deep black hole)... But one day I told myself to fight all of my problems and look at the better side of life.. start doing some sport and sh*t. Now my life has changed.. evrything is just fine again:)


By anonymous at 25,Feb,14 07:29

Indeed, you have a shity life. At least you are having a life, different from me... My life is a total blank, a total nothing just because i am a loser. You have kids, you love someone. I don't have anything, anyone because of a ridiculous depression which buried me alive for more than 10 years... If i was brave, i would have done something to vanish from earth but the other ridiculous thing i have is cowardness...

By crorkz at 23,Nov,14 12:34

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By crorkz linkz at 15,Jan,15 16:20

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