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World is full of bad people

Posted by anonymous at March 1, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Philosophical  Society

I think the world is full of bad people. All successful people are like that , they have got where they are by doing bad things , walking over innocents, today there is no meaning for the words truth, justice, and love. Everything is a profit and loss statement. I really hope that the world ends by 2012 because we have had it. Humanity has sunk to the lowest levels possible and 2012 can be like an enema !
I really wish Christ to be reborn.


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New Comment

By at 06,Mar,12 21:06

sorry to burst your bubble but the world should have ended 7 months ago.

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 22:23

I agreed all the way till the last sentence.

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 23:13

Well crist won't come back the world will not end this year. But yes the very few good honest people in this world are spread so far and wide that you have to search with a fine tooth comb very carefully in order to find them I am one of the few hard working honest kind hearted men left in this world and know that if you don't lie cheat and screw everyone else your the one getting screwed...
By anonymous at 07,Mar,12 13:27

i love how dumb you are.

By anonymous at 07,Mar,12 04:09

i agree with all

By anonymous at 08,Mar,12 11:53

Do you realize that those who wish "Christ to be reborn" are the bad people doing the bad things you mentioned?
By anonymous at 06,Dec,12 14:33

Do you realize that the only thing you anti-theists are good at doing is over-generalizing?

By at 19,Mar,12 00:48

Yes, you're right but stop whining. If you feel that there is something wrong, then you have an obligation to stop it. You must be an example. Be all the good things you mentioned and it may catch on. Being good may spread like a viris. You must combat evil with good.

By anonymous at 04,Jun,12 21:48

To say the world is full of bad people is an understatement. One doesn't have to be mass murderer, a rapists, a drug peddler, or a child molested to be evil. There are plenty of evil people who don't commit these crimes, but who are evil, cruel, and immoral in other ways. Selfishness and unconcern for others is evil in my book, and most people are guilty of these sins. The selfishness,the uncaring, unkind, aloof, unfriendly nature of many (most?) girls and women is what I would call evil and cruel. How so? Because they ignore guys who like myself don't measure up in appearance and income. Vain, shallow. I should point out that I suffer from endless loneliness because there are almost no more friendly and pretty girls left, and the ones that I do find are already taken. I have to go another fucking summer being lonely. I'm surrounded by numerous girls and women at my workplace. They ignore me and treat me like I'm invisible. They have no hearts, and no conscience. I don't care about them. Fuck them.(that's all their useful for anyway. In my case, their only value is as a masturbation aid, and nothing else.) The human animal is the worst animal of all, and the human girl or woman is evil personified.
By anonymous at 29,Jun,12 01:42

i agree, all vapid scum
By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 09:24 Fold Up

Go to Japan, you'll have more sweet, sexy, feminine girls than you will know what to do with. And they won't ignore you.
By Crazy at 28,Mar,13 18:45

I wish I was born in Japan as a Japanese woman so I can dress up as a sexy prostitute and have sex everyday

By Reply anonymous at 07,Jun,12 15:52

This is an imperosnal, fragmented, dehumanizing, disconnected, uncaring society. Neighbors don't even greet eachother. I don't know my "neighbors" and I don't care to know them. I don't care if people ignore me or notice me.I don't give a shit about poeple, never, ever. Misanthrope is what describes me. Well, people have turned me into a misanthrope. This is a MISANTHROPIC SOCIETY AND A MISANTHROPIC WORLD, and I am just a mirror reflection of the hatred, impersonalness, and alienation. I don't give a FUCK what people do. I see so much evil in people, it makes me want to puke. Really, there ought to be more birth control, as the overpopulation is just producing more selfishness, more cruelty, more stupidity, and more alienation, which I see all around me every day. The Devil rules humanity, and rules this deeply troubled, fucked up world, as all history sadly shows. I wish there was a place where I could live without any people. I want to get away from people.

By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 17:12

The problem of evil and suffering has occupied my mind for the last 18 years. Who or what is to blame for human evil and natural evil? A third category is supernatural evil. The biblical account of Adam and eves sin, called Original Sin, tries to explain human evil and suffering as a result of Adam and eves disobedience, and through the rebellion of fallen angels, such as Satan. Whatever the cause, the world is seriously fucked up. A nightmare and horror movie is this world, ruled by the Devil. How else to explain the horrors, cruelties, and evils in the world, and how else to explain its satanic nature? Read the book "Legion" by author William Peter Blatty, and see the movie Exorcist3-Legion, which explores the nature of evil and asks questions which touch upon God, the Devil, and religion. I don't see hope for humanity. Evil, in one form or another, goes back to the beginning of time,or before time, and evil will continue to exist for all time. There are a lot more evil people than good ones,which is why I'm a misanthrope. This experiment with free will, Satan, and Adam and Eve is a grievous error, a colossal disaster, tragedy, travesty, and fuckup, and the end results are rampant evil, cruelty, sin, suffering, death, and extinctions. It makes my blood boil in anger. FUCK. Unbelievable. I am pessimistic for the future.

By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 18:02

After browsing through these websites I have witnessed reading pure evil with these fucking trolls. I hate people now more than ever whether girls women boys men young or old. I just hate people. I really do. These are horrible devilish cruel evil people with no conscience. And we have a God who allows this crap. Free will does NOT justify the monstrous evils cruelties miseries and horrors in the world. Not in my book. And after reading the pure evil which exudes from the writings of these trolls I'm a bigger misanthrope misogynist and pessimist than ever. I came to look for love kindness and support on this website and only a few people showed any kindness. Two thirds of the comments are all trolls rudeness nastiness cruelty depravity insolence degeneracy malice and stupidity and cursing and insults. I'm ashamed to call myself a human being. All around me I see evil and cruelty. What a hopeless future lies ahead in this fucked up world ruled by Satan. I need to be AWAY from people and one of my goals in life is to avoid people as much as possible. Fuck this human world. I don't want people around me. I have more respect for earthworms than for people and watching insects is a lot more interesting than watching people. These degenerate dirtbag trolls have taken over this website. I should have just minded my own business and not bothered writing anything here. Its another mistake in my life I regret. This human society is crumbling because its Satanic in nature. The best locations are those that have no people in it.
By anonymous at 29,Jun,12 01:47

i was in big sur, california, and one particular time, i was taking in the majesty of it and said to myself: 'this awesome place has been here for hundreds' of thousands, if not millions of years... my that this wonderous place will be here for hundreds' of thousands, if not millions' more years, after the last human, is dead... hasten that day....'
By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 09:28 Fold Up

Go to Japan. Japanese people are really great and loving. One time I lost my cell phone in Tokyo and a stranger found it and took a taxi all the way across the city to give it back to me. Now that's a society.
By Crazy at 28,Mar,13 18:49

I heard people go around on the internet talking shit about Japanese people. They go around accusing ALL JAPANESE PEOPLE of lying, cheating, and stealing. Did you go to Japan before? I wish I was born there as a Japanese woman so I can have sex everyday.
By Crazy at 28,Mar,13 18:54

I wish I was born in To(u)kyo(u), Japan I HATE BEING BORN IN AMERICA WHICH IS BULLSHIT IN THE 90S!! I wish I was born in Tokyo Japan instead......!! Guess I have to commit suicide FUCK

By soultechunlimited at 08,Dec,12 12:51

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