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From Good Girl to Drug Abusive Slut

Posted by Takyra at March 15, 2012
Tags: Drugs  2012 March

About a year and a half ago my love of my life took off on me and left me without any type of closure. I was already living manac depression and bipolar mood swings. He didnt even tell me bye or nothing and just hitaled it out of town. So the first thing I started doing was hanging out with my friends more than usual because I needed to clear my mind,As I started going over there more often I started to notice behaviors in them that was what I remember in my past when I use to use Crank. They were always up and down and up and down. So I persisted on this subject with them until they finally admitted that they were smoking meth. I said well ya know let me try some cause I need somethingt that is going to calm my nerves and help me to stop crying. That was the worse mistake of my life. Since that day I have been through more than two handfuls of men who only wanted me for my money and my drugs. I have been raped and stolen from including from someone who I thot was my bff.


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New Comment

By Cursed at 18,Mar,12 17:55

I feel for you. I am so sorry about your slip into hell- crystal meth. Are you still doing it? Hopefully not, but if you are- you have to stop. That stuff will fry your brain faster than you can say scrambled eggs! I understand your pain: the love of your life just "disappearing". Many times, people run away from their problems. It totally sucks that there was no "closure" for you. But listen, you gotta pull up your bootstraps and kick the drugs.
They will get you NO-WHERE.
I'm not one to preach- I smoke pot, but it's a plant. Crystal Meth has some pretty nasty ingredients. Switch to pot if you cant ween yourself off the meth cold turkey. Find new friends. Leave town so you can get away from the temptation. Keep us posted- and good luck.

By anonymous at 03,Jun,13 18:34

Crystal meth is bad news. And so was ur ex. Do yourself some favors. GET OVER HIM! The sooner the better. Try ur damnest not 2 think about him. Fill ur brain/mind with other things.

GET UR ASS OFF DRUGS NOW!! You wanna be a slut from now until u die? Don't put urself thru the wringer. U wanna hurt urself even worse?



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