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Posted by spankey hayes at March 29, 2010
Tags: Environment  Juvenile problems  Loneliness  2010 March

l ife sucks i have no friends today i got my ass kicked because i have a slight learning disability. I often am scared so much by bullys in my school i tend to piss my pants. My sister is a crack addicted herroine smack snorting hooker in harlem at the age of 12. I am originally from russia and have no friends. My life sucks id rather eat shit than live another day!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,Mar,10 22:20

well then, hang around the men's room and tell them to bend over and park their ass in your mouth and tell them to let it go, u are ready, u might get some good solid shit or maybe a shit shake. good luck.

By at 31,Mar,10 11:01

fuck you pussy ass faggot how about i shit on yor chest and make yousuck my dick cuz that is all your sour appl sucking fucking mouth is good for you repulsive fat sack of fetis bags
By anonymous at 31,Mar,10 21:13

Tell him how you really feel loser

By anonymous at 01,Apr,10 21:25

Things will get better. As for bullies, I know about them. When they mess with you, go for broke to try to kick their ass. You will get your ass kicked a few more times, but they will respect you after that. Bullies are cowards, seriously. They are afraid of the world, that is why they lash out at those they perceive as weaker (those who won't fight back). What really sucks, is that when a bully started a fight, and I was starting to win, an adult would stop the fight, hold me down and let the bully pummel me a few more times. Now,when people fuck with me, I take no prisoners.

I had a learning problem too, I had an IQ of 145 in school and was smarter than any of my teachers and classmates, but always told that I was stupid. I actually solved Einstein's famous special theory of relativity when I was seven years old. My teachers told me I was wrong. In college physics class, I showed my relativity equation, that I solved in second grade, to my professor. He told me that the equation was correct. Try going through California schools, with an IQ of 145, and be told by teachers (and parents) that you are stupid. The really strange part was when we were given standardized academic achievement tests and the standardized tests showed that I was twice as intelligent as almost any other student in school.

If you want to get anywhere in life, do not listen to others. Other people do not empower you. You get what you take. Go for broke. If you fail, pick up the pieces and try again.
By anonymous at 02,Apr,10 20:45

Right on! You are so right. I love the challenge that a bully presents. I use my wits to out smart them. If that doesn't work, I nail them when they are least expecting it. They beg for mercy. Bullies and guys that tell you how tough they are are usually easy to beat up because they really are cowards. I was a lightweight boxer and I knocked out plenty of much bigger guys in street fights. They didn't know what hit them. Small package of dynamite, that's what.
By anonymous at 03,Apr,10 10:27

OK, but I always avoid confrontation with idiots and bullies. They are not worth my time or effort. I do not want to bring myself down to their level. When there is no other choice, I will pretend to flee a fight, pick up a 2 x 4, or a lead pipe and smack them one across the face. That ends a fight quickly.

By anonymous at 03,Apr,10 17:33

YOU PISS YOUR PANTS! that is too funny ruski... go back to commieland, get some vodka and fuck your aunt... win win win

By at 24,Jul,11 00:02

Thanks for the insgiht. It brings light into the dark!

By Nike Free 3.0 V4 (3) at 28,Dec,14 14:59

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By RafaelJap at 17,Mar,21 00:30

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