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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)


    Posted by payne at May 23, 2012
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2012 May   Relationship

    I was dating this girl for 18 months. we became really serious and i knew i loved her with all my heart. everything was good even though we would fight often. i knew i was in love and i thought she was to. we did everything together even was gonna move in together. we are in college so we were gonna get an apartment and work and go to school but she didn get in to the same college i did. well to make a long story short she ends up leaving me and was already talking to another guy before we broke up. it makes me feel like shit and i been very depressed for 3 months now she was everything to me and now i have nobody to talk to. she tells me she cares bout me, misses me, even says she still loves me. hell she even cheated on him with me and the next day she tells me to leave her the hell alone. she tells me i am to negative of a person but what do you expect out of someone who loves you with all their heart and wants to spend the rest of their life with you. i tell her how i feel and she says it makes her feel bad. i don understand how she could tell me all the lies she told me and i don understand why she would treat me so horribly even after i gave her everything.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    This sucks

    Posted by anonymous at May 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship   Sexuality

    I hate my situation so bad. I hate it with a fiery passion. I have never been as unhappy about how I live now than I ever have.
    I am currently engaged. I am a lesbian. I am engaged to a woman 14 years older than me. She is once divorced. Has kids. One lives with us. I want to leave her. She isn't very nice to me. I am young. I feel like I can be happy one day. I just hate it here with her. She doesn't make me feel good. She can't support herself. I used to love the crap out of this woman. I don't think she ever really loved me. I think she is settling for me. I am sick of fighting for her. She can only have sex with me when she is drunk. She doesn't think I am very attractive. She freaks out about everything. She just freaked at me cause I accidently erased some spices she had on the grocery list. We got into a huge fight about it. I just don't want her anymore. I don't know why she keeps me around. This sucks. This life sucks. I know I can do better. I just don't know how to get out.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Wow - Im getting a divorce and I am so scared

    Posted by Stephanie at May 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    My husband is a liar and a porn addict - his mom is a manipulator. They have treated me like a servant and an ATM for over 5 years.

    This man is the only father my son has ever known. I know I will find someone but they threw this at me so abruptly. It's hard to explain. I remodeled me and my husband's house and my sister came to live with me while my son went to stay w his step grandmother and step dad at her townhome.

    My sister was a lawyer , the police came to my house and said they found my sister dead in a hotel. I was devastated. My husband said he wished I had died instead simply because his mom was overwhelmed with grief. his mom adored my sister after meeting her 3 times.

    My husband always betrays me like that - he never knows what to feel unless his mom tells him it seems. He even asked another girl to marry him at the same time as me ??? Like WTF ?

    Anyhow - now abruptly my mother-in-law wanted me to move out even though we all agreed to live in this home as our home together since she was having financial difficulties and the schools here are better for my son. So of course my husband tells me to get out of our house WTF ? My sister just died - i just rented out our other house and now they are telling me to get out of our house after they convinced me to pay for my sisters funeral and have no real money to speak of right now.

    So - I am fully totally friggin depressed , God I am so depressed.

    I had a plan - I was gonna start medical school and finish up my degree, I already did my prerequisites. I wanted to adopt handicapped children and children in need. I wanted a farm with my husband and son in the country.

    And my mom died 6 years ago of cancer - I have nobody left except my son and he is all that I live for - all that I breathe for.

    without him there would be nothing

    Can you please pray for me ?

    Comments: 27   Votes:


    Just the way it goes.

    Posted by I3anq at May 23, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    And just when I didn't think it could get any worse. Nah, one of my closest friends dies a couple weeks ago in a car accident, I'm still trying to get over that. Now my boyfriend won't even talk to me. He tells me he loves me but I doubt that anymore. I miss when everything used to be easy. I have this friend who likes me a lot. He talked about us getting together and starting a family, all that bullshit, so a week and a half ago, he gets me drunk as fuck and we had sex. Now he won't fucking talk to me because I'm NOT pregnant and he wanted a baby. How fucked. My ex talked about still loving me. I miss him a lot. But now he's a complete asshole to me. All he wants from me is sex, it seems, and naked pictures. I've seriously been considering ending it. Like anyone would care. Not even my parents, or any of my family for that matter, because they're devout Catholics and I'm Agnostic. The whole world's against me now. How lovely. I hate my life.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    my messed up.

    Posted by Shel995 at May 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    for th past few years, my life has been turned upside down. Between Miscarriges at 17, living on my own, having to drop out of high schoolo and raise my unruly sister...its been hell. not to mention my mom is pushing me to get pregnant.

    Part one, My break up of 2011.
    I was dating him for over a year. his mom went crazy, called me a liar blocked my number from his phone. and told him to dump me, but i beat him to the punch, i wanted to commit suicide. when i broke up with him. i vomited for 3 days straight i was so sad. we were perfect, i know wed stil b together with his mother wasnt crazy. i loved him, and still o, but i know i can push throughit somehow.

    Part two, Edward,

    we met thru friends, he was a great guy, we dated for 5 months, kinda. we spent new years together while my mom left me, ev on xmas to be with her trashy husband, anna was out getig ttashed at a party. so it was just me and him and a few goo movies. we cuddled and didnt do anything, soon my enbtire life was entangled in his life. then we decided to seperate and think things over.

    i got pregnant, i was 8 weeks along, the day i told him, is the day i went under soooo much stress i miscarried. and he didnt even care, instead he decided to tell everyone i told ab0out the baby, that it was a lie. :'( he didnt care, in stead he wanted to date the person i told, and she didnt knw anything about the pregnancy. this hurts me so bad to even think aout any of this...

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    Comments: 16   Votes:


    this is a sucky life and i wish i were dead

    Posted by sadone at May 21, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    My horrific divorce was 7 years ago. It included my ex-husband stealing my kids dumping them off with people they didn't know and 14 months of an agonizing search for my younger son, my older son had been sent back to me after a few months. Now I worked went to college and raised my boys. I can not get a good job and just as I am invisible to employers I am also invisible to men. No one loves me. I do not drink, use drugs or hurt other people, I actually volunteer in my community. I pay my rent yet my landlord finds reasons to hassle me. He goes into the house whenever he feels up to it. No warning or anything. I am still raising my younger son who is so angry at the world he feels like I OWE him everything under the sun. I am not happy with life. My life is crap. I am the only one in my family to go through the steps and actually graduate from high school and then go to college and graduate;however, I am the most financially depressed as well. I have worked all of my life since I was 13. Nothing ever goes right. I have multiple disabilities and still I work and try but I am belittled by everyone I know. I have been raped, beaten and left for dead and no one cared. I just got criticized. When my ex-husband left me and my kids on the side of a road homeless, I got criticized and told it was all my fault. How could have been? I did everything for him and took great care of the house and kids while i also worked. why does everyone hate me. I hate my life I hate it and here soon will probably commit suicide. There is nothing worth living for.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Life sucks living with a sex addict

    Posted by anonymous at May 20, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    I have been married for almost eight years and I just found my spouse in the middle of an affair. Leading to the discovery that my entire married life was a lie. My spouse has cheated with more than 20 people durning this time, sexual and emotional affairs, and hardcore sexual affairs. Due to my spouses job, I had no idea. All of our family holidays, and even our children's birthdays a lie, as my she was with their sex partners on these days also. All of her affairs were with married people.

    Trying to separate and wait for an apartment to open for my son and I, it has been hell living with her; as she flows with apologies. She had the audacity to call my at 11:30 p.m. the other night and tell me that three married men had asked her out to a bar, and was that okay with me!

    She says, I love you, then in the same conversation tells me she only cared about herself and she did not care how I would feel about it. It made her feel good and like she was somebody!

    What the hell! I married a psycho and life sucks! I hate my life!

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    Where is my break

    Posted by some one special at May 19, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    Why do life have to be so hard?
    I married this guy cause he was fun. Well the didn't work out cause he decided to verbal abuse me and doing drugs and drinking behind my back. Eight years went by and 2 kids were born and I heard I want divorce at least 5 times. He forgot to come here and there. He wreck my titan and couldn't tell me how he did it. That's when I decided to open my own bank account and start saving to leave him. Prior to this we had a bad car accident and I was ejected break and pelvic in half and crushing a secrum. I also lost both my parents. SO I'm asking one more time where Is My BREAK?

    I finally divorced him after 12 years together and I told myself I will never deal w anyone that has drinking or drug problems. I will never deal with someone verbally putting me down. All I hear from him Is didn't mean it when I told you I wanted a divorce
    So today I sit alone, barely see my kids cause I work all the time to pay the bills. The ex doesn't want to pay me child support and I live in place that's not safe,and I'm losing my pets.
    So I'm alone, broke and sitting at the bottom of the bucket
    Where is my break?

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    "Happily married"...?

    Posted by anonymous at May 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    I got married last August and before the wedding my fiance would call me up and we would have phone sex, when i was at his house we would fool around, but never has sex because he wanted to wait til we were married. Well, we got married and on our wedding night didnt even have sex. We have it maybe once a month, if i am lucky, and even then its always forced and there are times he doesnt even cum. I keep asking if its me, if there is something else i can do, or should do, but he blames a lack of testosterone. I feel ugly, unwanted, and just plain stupid. I wanted a marriage, but all i get is to sleep in bed next to someone who wont even touch me....

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    All I Want...

    Posted by anonymous at May 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    Is for my boyfriend to truly understand me. We sit and talk for hours and he still can't see where I am coming from. I want him to see things from my point of view, see him get some emotions so I can see that he truly cares. But he is so calm and logical that it makes me frustrated. He doesn't understand that I'm lonely, that it hurts me when he doesn't try to call me even after I tell him I have to go see the doctor. Does he not care? It makes me feel inadequate, and unwanted. He will tell me that it's not true but actions speak louder than words, right?

    When my best friend passed away last week I called him and I wanted him to desperately come and get me but he did nothing. I felt so alone, and under all the stress, I had a panic attack. I felt even worse afterwords because I felt so alone. I want him to show me he cares and to make all my insecurities vanish. I want the impossible because I can't see him doing anything. I see him trying to solve the problem like it's a computer issue.

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by tjm76 at May 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    Life sucks! i have had one bad relationship after another. i give my all all the time ,the one thats there and when im in need they are gone. i dont want to spend my life helping others and when they are fixed they dont need me. i dont go after broken people they come to me. i always find the one thing that is the best of a person and go with it. i dont judge, but now im starting to think what the fuck. why do i always end up hurt this is messed up. i jus want to be with someone who will not do a 360 on me when they got all they needed. im not gonna change because of people like that ,im just fustrated. i want to be happy and not grow old alone. i made a big mistake with this last guy, a real big mistake.

    Comments: 106   Votes:


    I'm losing the woman of my life

    Posted by anonymous at May 15, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    We've been separated for a while. I'm been going through some hard times on all fronts, financially especially. If I got my act together I could get that chance again, and nothing seems to be working. I got the most beautiful, creative, and funny girl a man could ever want and the "practical" shortcomings of my life are just too much for her to bear. She's a little more old fashioned and would want me to be the primarily bread winner since she's a bit of a dreamer, which is why I love her actually. Her strong innocence. We are both around 30 years of age and a bit childish, which is why we always have no money like children. She's back with her mother and working any odd job. I myself am self employed without a commission for a long time. I'll leave it to your imagination as to my work. What a woman wants is security and the lack of it is keeping us apart. The Practical Sides of Life. The Practical Sides of Life. Even my parents have it rough these days and wish I could help them more. My life ain't horrible, I'm not starving by any means, but its sucks to feel like you're not doing enough. I'm hoping things turn for the better.

    Comments: 35   Votes:


    Falsely Charged

    Posted by anonymous at May 15, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    I was dating a psycho-bitch for about a few months now and left her May 4th because I decided I really needed to get my crap together and do some growing up and I needed to be alone to do so. Not to mention, she threatened suicide if I didn't get with her and that caused me to kill the previous relationship I was in with another girl that I've been with for almost 3 years. Well I didn't want her to kill herself and got scared into dating her. Well anyway, I recently broke up with her and told her that I wasn't coming back due to the fact that she slapped me during the break-up and I also told her that I was going to New York City after I moved to Wichita, KS to start out life in. She gets pissed and decides to charge me with rape which never happened. We went to Dallas, TX for our spring break and we became intimate only A COUPLE of times AND it was completely consensual. I've never done anything wrong in my life and now she wants to ruin my future and reputation. That's what I get for being stupid enough to feel sorry for this bloody tramp.

    Comments: 7   Votes:



    Posted by Brokenin2many at May 14, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    I hate myself for being mean to my girl friend whenever I get drunk. I know I said tons of things again that hurt her feelings but I can't recall most of them. I love her to death but I really don't know what is wrong with me. Why is it so hard for me to accept it that she loves me too? Everyday I get frustrated because I feel that she is just living her life with me temporarily until someone better comes along. I hate my stupid life.

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    My Unrequited Love

    Posted by anonymous at May 14, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    I have been in love with my best friend for eight years now sadly I has always been one-sided. I never had the courage to tell him how I felt. After about a year, and the support of a nother good friend, I forced myself to tell him. But before I even opened my mouth to speak he grabbed me by the shoulders and told me he finally asked the girl of his dreams out and they were now together. He looked so happy so I just smiled, fought back the tears, and pretended to be happy. For awhile I didn't do anything but as the years passed I tried to forget him and accept the fact that he would never be mine. I went out with a lot of guys be it always ended bad. I even tried sleep with other guys just to forget him but it only hurt more I could never get him off my mind. I feel bad for all those guys I used so I stopped a year ago. To get Nathan, my unrequited love, of my mind I moved, got two jobs, and go to school. The plan was to be as busy as possible so I wouldn't think about him and one day no longer love him. For awhile I worked until last friday. On friday the 11th Nathan called me in the morning and asked if we could meet up for lunch. I had a bad feeling I even felt like I was going to get sick but I agreed. When I got to the restaurant the first person I saw was Nathan then I saw Emily, his girlfriend of 7 years, and they held each others hands. I knew this was going to be bad(for me at least). Aftee we all got our food they told me that they were getting married and...

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    Comments: 30   Votes:


    My bf cheated on me a million times n wants to have a baby without marriage

    Posted by anonymous at May 13, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    So I'm fuck up. My bf wants to hv a baby without marriage bcos of some old issues with his fiancé who left him.
    Now I'm being punished for her mistakes.
    I can't believe I just suggested to him that I will allow him to have a concubine if we get married and have a baby.
    He had cheated on me a million times n he admitted to it. I forgave him again n again. He knew he had this horny problem that he can't quit n can't bear the thought of fucking only one girl for the rest of his life. I love him too much.
    I'm so fucking stupid.

    Comments: 12   Votes:



    Posted by Animal at May 13, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    Things seem important
    And you open your heart
    That's when the shit
    All falls apart.

    Lead on a leash,
    Fettered and blind...
    I was stuck inside
    My belligerent mind.

    Beaten here,
    And beaten there...
    All I can do
    Is sit and stare.

    Lies and deceit,
    Their weapons of choice...
    Have rid me of
    My only voice.

    The walls go up,
    And all doors close...
    I'm running from nothing
    Surrounded by foes.

    I really loved her. With all of my heart. I worked hard for her, and I made it my life to protect her from harm. It ends, as good things do, and she breaks me. She cared not for what I did, and loved me not as I loved her. She used me... lied to me... lead me on. And the worst part of it all is that I believed her. When she looked at me and said, "I love you," I believed her. With all of my heart. Every cell, molecule, and atom of my being was hers... and now she seeks to burn it. The center of my pain is this; I still love her. I tremble in her presence, and still wish to protect her from every danger.

    It's hard to set free what you love when what you love is a boulder tied to your ankle, balancing precariously on the edge of a cliff.

    Comments: 18   Votes:


    Life is ridiculous

    Posted by Kassc at May 13, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    As I sit back and read all the blogs about shitty relationships and being miserible it makes you really stop nd think about your own relaionship!, point blank...mine it's so horrible. Here is my twisted story...maybe some of you can relate to certain we go! ....I have been dating the same guy for 7 years...I'm you can imagine how much relationship I've been my prime time years. Him n I are completely different. Who ever said opposites attract...You are full of shitttt!
    I guess I should just say...opposites attract crap does not work for me! Some ppl it's better. My boyfriend is selfish ..childish...helmeted...surfaced...etc. how on earth did I get into such a boring miserible hole. He has no drive to put forth an effort to mke me happy or remotely care how I feel. The fucked up part is that it's Saturday night at 10 pm nd his lame ass is in".........

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Love can go F*** Itself

    Posted by anonymous at May 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    My whole life, I've never had a girlfriend. I'm 23 currently, and never had a girl compliment me or give me the time of day. I've tried everything. I was always confident, dressed nice, acted nice, everything that it would take to get gets to notice you. All I got was either them avoiding me like the plague, or getting friendzoned.

    From about late 2007 - Early 2009, I was very spiteful because of it. I became a very nasty person, and would lash out onto those who made stupid remarks. Early 2009, a girl came into my life that almost changed that. Instead of avoiding me, she actually broke me out of my shell. Later, she would give OBVIOUS signals that she loved me. She openly said it.

    When we finally met in person after a year of talking on the internet, we had amazing chemistry in person, I almost felt as though this was my future Girlfriend. After we went on our trip, once I really started to garner feelings for her, for whatever reason, she stopped loving me. Her feelings died for me as soon as I started to love her. Now, for 2 years, I've been living with a severe depression, I'm much more angrier, and now I need to see a psychiatrist.

    Fuck love, people, and fuck that girl who toyed with my emotions.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Now what???

    Posted by anonymous at May 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Relationship

    Where to start? I have been married to the same man since right after high school. So over half my life now. We have always had amazing sexual chemistry but over the years we have changed into very different people than what we started out. Through all the ups and downs I have endured a lot of pain bc of his bad choices. From gambling to drinking to drugs to infidelity. I have fought for our marriage. In every other way he is an amazing man and a devoted father. We have 3 children now. He is a great friend to people, he fixes everything around the house and he took care of us financially. He is just an awful husband. Well now he says he loves me but he is not in love with me. He left me to go be with a woman who he says he might be in love with. He tells me that he loves spending time with me and he still comes over at least 3-4 times a week to have sex with me. He tells me he doesn't want me to have closure and he wants us to still be friends. He says he hasn't slept with this other woman yet.
    My children are sufferiing terribly and I am so unsure about my future. I have medical issues that are very expensive and if I file for divorce then my insurance will be dropped bc it's through his work. He tells me that he loves me and we have such a long history together that he wants to continue to be in my life but today I saw him with this other woman and it hurt so bad that I can't breathe. How an I supposed to move on from my first and only love of my life? Who is...

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