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LIFE SUCKS : July 2012

Stories submitted by real people.


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Saddest stories:

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  • Why do people treat me like this?
  • Why am I on this planet
  • My miserable life
  • i wanna die!
  • is there a point to all this?
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  • Fuck's Sake
  • Nothing good to look forward to anymore.
  • Genetics and being stupid
  • Very Lonely
  • i was rape
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  • Sometimes it's only madness that makes us what we are.
  • Why me?
  • oh woe is me...
  • I Wish Someone Loved Me
  • Sick and Tired of This Piece of Shit Life
  • i hate my life
  • infer
  • Its hard out there.
  • jobless and hopless fuck
  • the curse of disease
  • My will to live is fading..
  • All hope is lost
  • My life with my family sucks
  • The sad life
  • Shitty life
  • Just me and my story.
  • Yeup
  • Depression
  • Thinking of suicide gives me a bit of peace.
  • No Way Out
  • The other side of the fence
  • My mom doesn't want me anymore
  • About to give up.
  • Venting Tool
  • FML
  • Life sucks.
  • To all the altruistic people out there, start being selfish
  • Being lonely
  • Bad Luck
  • Where Did It All Go Wrong
  • I can't help being a dick
  • I'm a Wigger
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)


    Posted by anonymous at July 10, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    Well here it is I'm looking at my life and just wondering why.. The time I've spent on this planet has been well it's been yea I can't find the right words to describe it. I turn 19 in 17 days and I'm not sure I'll be around that long. I work like a dog for a worthless check my car is falling apart. My hopes of getting a girlfriend diminish every day. And the clocks running down till eviction day. I'm still in highschool (where I'm openly hated by the majority of teachers and students alike). It's summer now and it just keeps getting hotter. I work at a grocery store that's 45 minutes away from where I live now. I'm just tired that sums up my life I'm tired of working a lousy 10 to 20 hours a week when I was promised at least 30. I'm tired of being looked down on by the people around me. I'm tired of getting screwed over at every turn. I'm immensely tired of the poor state of the society around me. A 23 year old who lives at my friends house is a litteral pedophile who is constantly trying to sleep with 14 and 15 year old girls on a regular basis and he gets praised for that shit. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to see the world around me.
    So here's a little bit of my history. Since age 14 I've been had a bad run of events. For my 14 birthday I spent the day working and the night alone. My 15th was real fun I went to the corner store to buy some food and I got jumped. 16 I got evicted. Just before 17 my dad tried to commit suicide 2 days later I was forced t...

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    Motivation Loss

    Posted by anonymous at July 10, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    I am 17 years old girl, year 11 in highschool who completely lost motivation for school and constantly hating my own knowledge. My school report is horrible, everything is horrible. I even stopped being so religious. I used to enjoy school but now I hate it due to poor knowledge for maths and now, I hate my once-favourite-subject, Japanese Language because it suddenly got even more difficult. I dropped from Advanced English to Standard English, seeing that
    I suck at grammar and nicknamed as "Broken-English." I feel so damn shameful, even though I was born in an English country, studied hard for English and now I see every attempt I've tried goes pointless. It's even more shameful that I love to write stories but thanks to stupid grammar problems, I refuse to let someone check my work because they're not bothered about my stupid piece of writing.
    Heck, even teachers don't even help too well. One of the teachers even compared me with FOBS which really humuliated me. I also hate how they even send me to the cousellors. For me, it feels like I'm the insane person or even mentally retarded person.
    Teachers honestly hate me just because I'm not a genius. I lost a sort friendship between the Japanese teacher but now I've lost it and she keeps avoiding me now. Even maths teacher hates me so bad, even though I didn't give a freakin' bad attitude to her. At home, everything is fine BUT every time if I just go to school, think about school, think about future, think about teachers, I just feel like breaking the doors down and go punch someone in the face. It feels like I'm dragging myself around like a puppet.

    I have a dream about getting into Art Univerisity and become an Art teacher but it seems futile. All I can do is draw, sing and paint. Nothing else. I must've been stupid for having such fantasy imaginative thoughts. I tried to stay positive but I keep facing downfall.

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    About to give up.

    Posted by Ross at July 10, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    I'm 18 and a guy, I hate my life more and more everyday. I want to kill myself; but I cant because I am scared of death. (Who isn't).
    I will just list some things I have that I like then list why my life sucks.
    Good things:
    1. Smart
    2. I have parents and a brother
    3. Kind of attractive, got a good build (without working out)
    4. Super nice guy, but this just screws me in this fked up world.

    Things I hate, why my life sucks.
    1. Growing up in this economy, struggling with finding jobs and enjoying them.
    2. I work at shoprite in the deli and I hate some of my co-workers. I recently got in a fight with this guy almost physical fight. Almost lost my job. (HES AN ASSHOLE)
    3. 5'1 tall, yep you read that right.
    4. Virgin, not by choice, cant find a serious relationship or girl to care about me. Thats really all I need. My latest relationship lasted a week and she broke my heart so bad. Second gf I got cheated on. Been used by plenty of my crushes. First gf there was really nothing there.
    5. Lost my bestfriend whos a girl that I love that never loved me back. Friendzoned. I lost her because she chose her crazy ex whos sick in the head over my friendship. I cant be friends with her being with him because like I said hes crazy. I love her so much but she only saw me as a friend and I cannot believe me and her cant be friends anymore.
    6. I argue with my dad 80% of the time im next to him.
    7. I have no friends that I can co...

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    To all the altruistic people out there, start being selfish

    Posted by Reality at July 10, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    I'm 28 years old, and I've spent the majority of my life being more concerned about the happiness of my friends and family than my own. So here I am, an emasculated husk of a kind man wrung dry of any joy. I hope this serves as a message to any like minded individuals being used as a crutch.

    Stop. Stop giving your time away to people that won't or can't give theirs back I'm return. I can't tell you the amount of friends that I've helped move houses, only for them to snub me when I need a favor. Stop helping these leeches.

    Start. Start living your life at the expense of others. Take what you want, don't be ashamed of being a dick to people. No one else is ashamed of being a dick to you.

    Don't. Don't wind up like me: someone who gave their emotions and generosity to too many people, leaving none for myself. Don't fall back into the same routine of lending a hand to assholes because giving in is easier than hearing them bitch and moan for your help.

    Do. Do find someone to love and have all to yourself. If you wait it will be too late. Grab that girl on the street you think is hot and tell her so.

    And be a dick about it.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Women are crazy and men are stup at July 10, 2012
    Static LinkTags: July 2012

    Last sat I went to work in the evening hours to accomplish some work that was overdue. When I left the house that night i told my fiancé or girlfriend, not sure what she was at the time that I was going to work and i would be back in a few hours. The night before we got into a huge argument, which was started by me. I was frustrated because she would not and has not had sex with me but only twice in over two months. Granted I said horrible things, things of which I do regret and if I could take them back may she would still be here. I apologized the next day and promised I would get help, we have had our problems in the past and I asked her to go to counseling with me which was free for us because I'm in the military. Her response was always "I'm not going, you can go alone" long story short the night I went to work I came home around 1100 and her stuff and most of my daughters stuff was gone. She would not answer her phone and has ignored me since. It probably sounds bad and somewhat pathetic that I want her back but I have my reasons. It really wasnt all her fault and sometimes the way she treated me makes me think she never really loved me at all, I bought a home for us and mainly my daughter and now I'm losing the house, my truck and my credit is ruined past recovery. I want to talk to her so bad and I wish I could wake up from this nightmare I'm in. I miss my family!

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    going nowhere it seems

    Posted by Luke at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    i left school at 16 with 12 gcses and no job spent a year looking for a job and came up with a 1 month temporary job then after that nothing. I went to college and after a year i quit to do an apprenteceship in business admin then left half way through because i wanted to go and study in america I cant afford it I have no money hardly no job no one will hire me anmd my parents have both split up i don't particularly want to live with either of them and i found out in the last few months that I have a half sister and 2 nieces from her and she is married to a guy who used to work at the school i went to but he never spoke to me.

    I have no friends never had a girlfriend or had sex just seems everything i do just fucks up and im back feeling sorry for myself

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    i wanna die!

    Posted by bludanzr at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    im about to be 31 years old. i have never had a boyfiend, never been kissed nor had sex! i cant even pleasure myself cuz the feeling is too intense for me to handle. i almost weigh 300 pounds! i have small saggy boobs and a big hook nose. and i look 7 months pregnant but im not of course. my teeth are nasty and yellow and i have bushy eyebrows. i have a dead end job and only one friend who is no fun and doeasnt like to dance or drink. i have two low paying jobs and i am broke and in debt. my family has so many problems and stresses me out all the time.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    My will to live is fading..

    Posted by Destroyed Hope at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    All my life I've been lonely. I used to try to get in with the 'cool' people to help ease my lonliness, but it never helped. Sometimes I'll just stay in the darkness of my room and try to sleep, until I get really bad headaches.

    I somehow have the desire to be with/talk to people, and I don't know why. I wish I wasn't so dependant on others, it really leaves me vulnerable. I get attached way too easily. I always end up falling for girls who have no desire at all to be with me.

    I know that my story may not be as sad as others'. However, it still hurts to be as lonely as I am. I don't know what to do. I've contemplated suicide, but it just seems pointless, and would be stupid for me to try. But I don't want to go on being lonely.. What do I do?

    (Mercy, Truth, and all you other trolls feel free to comment your usual crap. It'll really boost my self-esteem..)

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    There is no point anymore.

    Posted by anonymous at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    -My mom doesn't listen to anyone or cares about anyone except her stupid dumb fucking boyfriend
    -My brothers are lazy shits that never clean
    -I'm always stuck being the mom around the house
    -My mom doesn't use common sense. like ugh!
    -I hate always cleaning the house after my disgusting brothers
    - I want to move out, but I'm too young and don't have any money. My mom doesn't want me to move out, but she's not showing me a reason to freaking stay.
    -I'm just this girl whose thoughts control her
    -I'm never going to have a great life
    -I try so damn hard to be positive and happy, but depression and anger always destroys me.
    -I want to go get hit by a car
    -I always loose my chances at meeting people
    -No one seems to care for me
    -Oh, I wrote a poem one day and put it in a contest and they sent me a letter telling me my poem was in a book to send $70, and my stupid self thought i was awesome for being f-ing publish...but it was a god damn scam
    -I signed up for the local gym and they charged $50 a month, but i never go because I feel so intimidated by the people there, i'm so stupid.
    -I don't even look that bad, I think i'm beautfiul...just with personal issues
    -I started falling for this guy in middle school and we grew up together, and now his sister told me he wants to get that murdered my heart
    -I saw a cute guy downtown and we connected eyes like two times for so long each time, and i never got his fuckking name or number, i feel like a damn loser.
    -I feel like life is just boring these days and there is nothing to look forward to anymore.
    -Maybe I should just end it all? What will I do?
    -I mean I have a dumb job.
    -I just don't care about things like I use too.
    -I just don't care anymore.

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    idk if my life sucks or im just a emotional teen -_-

    Posted by fuck it at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    So 7 years old my parents divorced which was good.Fights where annoing and he was a drunk and cheated on my mom. I think he even did drugs at least that's what my mom says maybe she's just saying that cuz she fucken Hates him. I watched my dad punch my mom across her face and had to listen outside the bathroom while she cried. So he left a new born a 7 year old and a 5 year old. And a very emotional wife I had to take care of my little brother and sister alot while mom worked. She became abusive would have wierd as mood swings. I grew up hateing my dad. so I'm older now 16 dad decided to comeback in to our life. They both hate eachother alot! My dad hates my mom because he has to pay child support according to him she's fucken evil for makeing him pay a 1,500 a month . For three kids!! He's a fucken retard. My mom well she tells me every day she himwishes that she would have never met him . That makes me feel so good ^.^ umm I guess I'm the worst son. even though all my friends smoke and I don't I Make ok grades. I really haven't done anything "bad" at least that she knows of. She hates men, I think cuz her father hurt her so lucky me I get all the hatred she has towards him. If I even say anything bad about her parents she gets me introuble but talking so much shit about my dad is ok .Apparently to her men where made to serve women. She threatens me that she's sending me to military school but she really has no reason too. She's just pissed that I don't agree with h...

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    The other side of the fence

    Posted by Anony at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    I read so many stories here of loneliness, joblessness... and I'm on the other side of the fence. Why doesn't it seem better? I think my wife hates me. We don't have sex anymore, if I touch her she walks away, and as a married man, I can 't really look anywhere else. I guess in that way I'm lonely too. I think I might resent her too much too. She won't work, keeps saying she will, but she has been at home for pretty much the last 5 years. Doesn't really make or have friends. I think she's depressed but doesn't want to address it.

    I go to work every day for little more than minimum wage to try and support a family of 5. On my paydays, my paycheque is gone from my bank account before I am home from work, and still I'm left wondering what I'm going to eat a day later and have nothing but cans of soup from the food bank to try and give myself energy for a labor intensive job day after day.

    I am reliant on my wife to drive me to and from work, as I don't have a drivers license. I can't afford courses or to write the test for that matter. My wife hates the fact that she has to drive me to work every day.

    I have 3 children (one of them a step daughter) ages 3, 8 and 15. I am hungry and tired and don't have the energy to spend with them, nor am I a happy person to deal with. I spend my time online trying to find an escape to a better world even if imaginary.... and I know I am going to regret not spending these years with my kids yet I can't seem to stop.... the real world is just too discouraging and fruitless.

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    My mom doesn't want me anymore

    Posted by avi at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    My mom and I have never had a great life together. It was always constant bickering and fighting between us too and the same with her and my dad. My parents arguments have always been bad throughtout their marriage but never this bad. They had gotten into an argument very recently at around midnight. I overheard my mom say "If you want her, you can have her I DONT CARE!" Then she completely left our house and drove away.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Thinking of suicide gives me a bit of peace.

    Posted by anonymous at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    My girlfriend who is the sweetest most honest person I think I've ever met just moved in with a male roommate. I don't think she would cheat on me. But the situation has been giving me a lot of anxiety. I hate my job. And I don't feel like I really have much of a future. I live with my Father and take care of him. He has a grade 4 brain tumor. For several years now I've thought about killing myself. About 10 months ago I decided that I am going to do it once my Father passes. A few weeks back I went out and bought a Glock 27 to help me complete my task. No one knows how much of a piece of shit I am. I hate myself.Many nights I cry myself to sleep. I try and act like a pretty chill guy when I'm around people. But the truth is I just want to die. Pretty soon I will be able to end my life. I'm writing a will. And the few assets that I have will be left to my GF. I guess I should buy a coffin. Or prepay at the crematory. I don't want to leave any bullshit for someone else to do. I have never mentioned any of this to anyone before. And this is the closest I've come to talking about it. I guess there's really not much to talk about. Just stuff to do. Affairs to get in order and such. Best of luck to you all.

    Comments: 22   Votes:


    No Way Out

    Posted by anonymous at July 9, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    I know most people have it much worse than me i have a family, and my friends dont hate me. However, my family hates me and my friends are stuffed animals. I have never been wanted. I have been raised thinking that people would be better off if I died. I have been suicidal for 13 of my 15 years of life, and have attempted suicide 18 times. If anyone can tell me anything it would help so much, even knowing someone cares.

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    MY dad an me

    Posted by Daniel at July 8, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    my dad is rely weird, he always picks and whenever you ask him a question he's always come back with some remark like how im stupid or a idiot.

    he picks at anything like if ur making a sandwich he will stop and go why are u doing that, or like why are u touchin the dryer or somethin idiotic.

    when i talk to him about anything he's just rude and always is quick to shit on peoples failures but doesnt ackknowledge there sucesses,

    my mom just seems to ignore it but it gives me rely bad anxiety to the point where i shake and always have heart palpitations thinking im going to die.

    i feel depressed alot too

    it doesnt help when i was 15 (im 20 now) i was hanging out with a bad crowd and some girl told her boyfriend i raped her and got me arrested.

    the whole thing was very bizarre and surreal and i didnt rely understand what was going on.

    i told them obviously i hadn't and that id just made out with her and felt her up etc.

    this was in a kids park btw

    being 15 she was 14 it didnt rely bother me at the time.

    i got a caution for it and since then have always felt very depressed about my life, how im now labelled as a sicko and am very paranoid about meeting people or making new friends.

    i always ask myself why me and have got very upset and cried a few times about it on my own.

    i find it very hard to take pride in my appearance like wearing a suit or buying a new watch as i fe...

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    Life Sucks

    Posted by Nothing ever goes right at July 8, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    No one ever calls and keep getting screwed around by girls. I have one date then they want to be friends, or they stand me up or just stick around to use me for my money. The thing is I let them do it because I don't want to be alone.I joined a dating site the samething happened,I sent out 40 messages to different women and never got a reply. I have a dead end job that goes nowhere and Im still living in my parents basement at the age of 30 and I sit there just hoping someone will talk to me. Whatever I do seems to turn into a disaster. I can't handle being alone much longer. Sometimes I think I want to end it all so I won't have to deal with how crappy my life is.

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    Why do people treat me like this?

    Posted by anonymous at July 8, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    i was raped in fith grade by a seventh grader. the guy went to a coocoo house and came back when i was in eith grade and raiped me again. i supposevly have brain issues now because he hurt my head. im not like insane i just cant read right any more and i need an aid. everyone thinks im phsyco and i need help and pitty me when i feel like theres nothing wrong with me. i have to go to therapy evey week, i cant go anywhere alone, and i go to a "special school". i just wish it all would stop and i could be normal.

    Comments: 20   Votes:


    Virgin bitch

    Posted by Anony at July 8, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    I am a virgin who is 28. I've been in an unmarried straight relationship for 10 years to a sweet man who loves me. I CANNOT bring myself to have intercourse with him. The thought disgusts me! I am not attracted to him at all! I fantasize about having sex with all kinds of men, just not him. I desperately want to have sex! Sometimes I fantasize about rape just so I can lose my virginity. I'm fat but I have a "pretty face." Like that's gotten me anywhere. I kissed another guy while in my current relationship (aka I cheated because I'm a heartless bitch), but then backed out when I saw where it was going because I have no self-esteem or confidence in my body and sexual abilities. I can't find another story like mine on the internet which makes me feel like an even bigger freak. I wish I could blame my virgin status on religion, pain, disabilities, etc. but it's nothing like that. I'm simply not attracted to my partner but am unwilling to break it off for fear of being alone. FML!!!!!

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    Fuck life

    Posted by Ashaley at July 7, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    Omg I hate my life so much. Im 12 year old girl. It's been hell this past year. At first my friends my best friend hallie is moving away. Teaghan is also my best friend and she's moving half way across the world from me. Liam is my only best friend that still lives near me. My friend almost commit suicide this year now she cuts herself. Lovely, eh? So now the big story... I had this bf the same age as me, that would sexually assault me every single day. He forced me to giv him a hand job. (rlly quick) he's on drugs. Heroin, pot and ciggerettes. He almost raped me and told my best friend hallie that he was going to rape me. I went to my favourite teacher at skool before my parents. We got a restraining order but he still stalks me thru my friends. Around that time I gained dislexia and ADD. The docter said it wud hav been Noah (my ex bf) that caused it. Now I'm so scared of boys. I used to be straight but now I'm bisexual. My parents got in a huge fight and broke up. I ran away and now live with my aunt because mom thought I was on ectacy. I was for a while but not no more. 

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    I'm fucked in the head

    Posted by anonymous at July 7, 2012
    Tags: July 2012

    I am a 16 year old, upper middle class,female, living in England. I live with my parents, who brought me up protestant christian, but I'm atheist and my brother often comes back from university for holidays, i am dyslexic (which can be annoying but oh well)I have relatively good grades and in September i will begin studying horse training. I have been riding horses since i was 6 and i love the thrill of it. I have my own horse and i want to make a career of it.I bet your thinking what a spoiled little bitch, complaining about her perfect life. I have friends(not popular not unpopular)i think I'm relatively attractive but i would personally like to lose a little weight, but doesn't every teenage girl. So, board yet? I know i am, and that my problem(or one of them)i love and hate my life, it seems so perfect but I'm board, i have a very hectic life but noting happens. I love a thrill, danger, but not the type you get from a roller coaster. Its hard to explain, i feel like i am screaming inside my own head.I want to someone to hurt me, i want to feel pain (emotionally) just to release my mind from perpetual boredom, I've wondered what it would be like to kill someone, or kill myself, i almost did once just based on curiosity. Everyone is so fucking boring, i want a puzzle, or a fright. I do role-plays in my head of someone trying to rape me, just so have have an excuse to stab them, just to make myself a little more interesting. I don't think I'm a psychopath as i do feel guilt. However i almost never feel empathy, i do occasionally for homeless people and starving children, but when my friend got raped, i didn't care, i even thought she kind of deserved it for being stupid enough to walk i not that trap, even after i warned her about it. I'm not complaining, i just wanted to speak up. And do you know what is the worst thing, i actually like that I'm so fucked. It makes me a little more interesting.

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